Lisa Noonis

Lisa Noonis is a contemporary painter known for her lively explorations of color, form, and space. Constantly pushing the boundaries of representation, Noonis captures the essence of objects, figures, and spaces with an ever-evolving, abstract style that embraces color, shape, and line. “I am equally interested in the materiality of media and the emotional registers of color and mark,” says Noonis, “and my goal is to invite the viewer to participate in narratives that transcend my preliminary subjects.”

Noonis works in oils, latex, acrylic, and graphite, often experimenting with tools like squeegees and oversized paintbrushes. Her studio, which is her former third-grade classroom in a historic schoolhouse now converted to artist studios, is a laboratory of sorts—an engaging space for exploration. Influenced by a wide range of masters from the impressionistic works of Matisse, to Modigliani and Morandi, to the abstract expressionist Joan Mitchell, to Diebenkorn and Kline, as well as teachers Eric Aho and Dennis Perrin, Noonis’ artworks express her inner landscape, which is steeped in both personal memory and imagination.

Noonis’ artwork has been shown around the country and is featured in many private collections. She is represented by galleries from coast to coast.

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