Dawne Raulet

Stockbroker turned artist, Dawne Raulet stumbled into painting when she least expected it.  On a weekend retreat, she attended a watercolor workshop and was shocked to realize that for an entire two-hour period, she’d been completely focused on the peaceful waterfall she was painting. It was then that art became her sanctuary and she has been obsessed with painting ever since.  So much so, that she retired from the world of finance to become a full time artist.

Raulet’s current body of work is comprised of mixed media.  Acrylic, wax, photography and other materials all harmonize beautifully on her panels.  Her graceful treatment of simply rendered yet powerful images elevates these subjects to elegant heights.

An Atlanta native, Raulet is an animal lover and avid traveller.  Much of her subject matter reflects her travel experiences, which most recently includes a body of work focused on the wild animals of East Africa.

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Duck Duck Goose


Swan Song


Bah Bah Black Sheep


Udderly Devine


Deer in the Headlights




Dinner Is Served