Daniela Schweitzer

Born and raised in Argentina, Daniela Schweitzer now resides in Los Angeles. She is classically trained with a focus on figurative and non-representational abstract paintings. Daniela draws inspiration from the energetic and vibrant colors of her upbringing in South America. She enjoys the simplicity of everyday happenings and relishes the importance of the human connection. These experiences along with the real, and at times, imagined narratives bring her to an emotional process and technique that defines a familial pathway culminating in each of her paintings at a specific moment in time. Daniela’s current figurative abstractions do not emphasize classical figure or portrait making, but rather reflect the appreciation for human existence and the internal feelings of the people around her. The gestural part of her art resides more in the core of emotions and feelings toward the subject. Daniela looks for the balance in everyday life that transports her back to a less hectic lifestyle. 

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Street Stand




Lifeguard Stand on the Green Beach


Taking a Dip


1 2 3 Jump


Ursula by the Pool