What’s Up?

Our Form, Figure, Gesture show has come down and What is Up—is a Rehang! The season of change is almost upon us so come check out our walls featuring new arrivals and summertime works up now—through early September!

Read on to view the works and familiarize yourself with the featured artists!

Marcy Gregg

A rural Texas artist’s distinctive artwork springs from a love of color and line. Her work is described as puzzles that embody unexpected perspectives through her palette and distinctive line work. It is through an artistic process of finding “lines lost and unexpected perspective found” that she imbues her compositions with energy.

Wondrous“, 40 x 60, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Joyce Howell

A spontaneous and intuitive painter, who draws inspiration from the nuance of color relationships and sees the act of painting as an internal navigation. Her pieces highlight her experience in color theory through a predominantly pastel scene filled with riotous color, texture, pattern, and value. Her paintings are attempts to transfer sensory memories to a visual reality. 

Rabbit Hole“, 48 x 48, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Stuart Coleman Budd

As a traveler, he uses the experience to practice familiarity, and essence needed to recreate his beloved wilderness from memory in the studio. His has the ability to capture a timelessness and calm of the way places feel rather than look. Layering the canvas with surfaces of neutral shades of grey, silver, cream, and blue to create a hazy atmosphere has become Budd’s staple. 

Southeast“, 40 x 60, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Adele Yonchak

An acrylic painter discovered a beloved technique of layering texture and color for its fast drying process. She enjoys keeping her subject matter familiar, but with a unique point of view. Her goal is to create work that feels familiar in an unexpected way through abstracted landscapes and simple scenes. 

Oil Trees“, 40 x 40, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Joe Vinson

An optical illusionist painter has developed a technique that creates complex surfaces that vibrates the eye with subtle and constantly changing color contrasts. The lack of representation allows space for pure aesthetic experience. His pieces appeal to viewers through the pleasure of the senses, the sheer enjoyment of experiencing color contrasts and layering. 

Mirage“, 12 x 12, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Michael Barringer

A native North Carolinian, inspired by the written word, believes that everything serves as an inspiration and nothing should be ignored. Authentic expression presenting itself as an inevitable presence is his artistic goal, as well as a well-crafted surface. 

Idea of Order (A Summer Sound)“, 48 x 48, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Vesela Baker

A full-time artist creates positive, happy feelings through controlled and abstract pieces representing her journey through life. She discovered a signature method of applying water to a painting creating a ripple effect that the water droplets gave. Her process consists of planning, working, the touch and feel, and doing it over and over until its complete.

Moment Found II“, 40 x 60, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Mckenzie Dove

Her work consists of pure oil paint and applied entirely with palette knives. Her paintings all have thick, textured layers inspired by Impressionistic and Expressionistic movements. She also is inspired by architecture, and the raw beauty of nature and aims to create pieces that make an individual statement while being versatile enough to compliment any style of design.

Continuous II“, 72 x 60, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Dawne Raulet

Stockbroker turned artist, whose art is made up of mixed media; acrylic wax, photography. The graceful treatment of animals on canvas elevates the humble creatures to elegant and mesmerizing heights. 

Who’s A Good Boy?“, 14 x 14, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Allison James

Her skills with mixed media are clearly shown in her pieces along with a degree in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking where these areas cross over. She is inspired by memories from her childhood, graffiti, anxiety, balance, high fashion, pattern mixing, and conversations around her where she translates it to the canvas in moments of grit, textiles, mixed mediums, text, and occasional illustrations. 

Pollywog“, 36 x 36, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Kim Fonder

An artist infatuated with texture and touch reflected in her pieces. With great sophistication, her work demonstrates subtle boldness in pastels to convey primal designs. Unconventional dimensions and representation of forms convey her textured ideas.

Designi II“, 36 x 25, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Stephanie King

Her interest lies in texture and touch while using organic materials in her work like burlap, silk bag, and other mixed media. Her work is extremely thoughtful and deliberate in every piece and she says she works slowly and methodically. 

I Spy Something Brown“, 41 x 29, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Ellen Levine Dodd

A lifelong artist, who’s work is boldly colored and richly textured, with multiple layers, scratched, sanded, carved into and drawn onto. Her vision is emotional, expressionistic, and positive; with brightly colored gestural brushwork, a strong sense of story and symbolism, and a passionate reference to the preservation of the landscape. 

Tip of the Iceberg“, 48 x 52, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Edwina Willis Fleming

This animal-lover has spent the last 20 years enjoying photography as a way to catch the spirit of nature and animals through the lends. She believes that animals are our greatest teachers and healers if only we would observe and listen to them. She captures the equine spirit of horses and is in awe of the profound lessons that horses provide.

Highlights“, 40 x 60, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Sandy Ostrau

An oil focus based artist’s paintings embody a particular time and place, but in the process reduces the elements so that where and when it was painted becomes irrelevant. She begins with detail and information and later eliminates what is not essential. For her, the oil adds texture to create a sense of dimensionality to the 2-D rendered figures and landscapes.

Rocky Shore“, 12 x 12, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Caroline Boykin

An artist’s who’s work is centered around the fragility in a moment. She creates subjects in sporadic and impulsive mark making capturing movement and life. The flora pieces are captured in the peak of bloom and focus on internal strength and external beauty. Texture, color, functionality, and line quality are all important aspects of expressive artwork. 

Atmosphere“, 40 x 60, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Dusty Griffith

An artist who’s pieces are very symbolic of time, events, stories, and emotions that are layered into beeswax, Plexiglas and tracing paper. This unique technique causes the images or symbols to become a part of the whole picture and not just a piece of it. The translucent qualities of his medium create depth, surface texture, and color. His colors and composition give the viewer a sense of peace or calm. The strokes are loose and gestural, but at the same time deliberate. 

Greater Than II“, 40 x 60, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Julie Maren

Following a creative path has left her to work not only as a painter, but a stone carver, installation artist, ceramicist, textile designer, and illustrator. Her desire to liberate her paintings from flat surfaces and right angles, led to exploration for more fluid and multidimensional creative approaches, expanding techniques and embracing new materials.

The Always Is Love“, 36 x 48, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Come into the Gallery this August to view these works and more!

—Written by, Emily