Up Close And Personal With: Kathy Cousart

Meet another new artist at the Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery, Kathy Cousart. Hear more about the Georgia based painter from Cousart herself…


Kathy Cousart
Athens, Georgia
How did you get started?
I think I have always been “a creative” with a love of beautiful color and design. I needed an odd size painting for over my fireplace mantle and could not find one so I figured I would paint something on my own.  That was the beginning of what has been an incredible journey in this amazing art world.
What inspires your work?  
The biggest thing that inspires my work is being able to connect and share something beautiful through paint. Saying something that could not be said otherwise with paint…a way to give back some of the gifts that painting has given me. I am in constant awe of how incredibly gorgeous our world is….all the little magical miracles that are right there if you just see them.
What is your favorite subject matter/ pallet to use?
“Light” is my favorite subject matter and that is why I paint so many different things. The effect that light has on the color and value of anything and everything.   It’s that relationship of light and shadow and the gorgeous shapes that it makes. I love capturing early morning walks on a golf course or the beach where the sunlight is just dancing. I adore painting strong light and shadow on flowers too! I find that endlessly fascinating!
I mix all my own colors from a very limited palette that creates this beautiful harmony in my signature pale neutrals. I love that the colors relate with each other and can mix any color I need from just one yellow, blue and red along with white. My favorite color palette is my signature pale neutrals.
What is your favorite part about studio life AND OR do you have a certain routine?
I paint almost every single day and love the way that I feel when I paint. There’s this peace and grace that comes to me while painting and I love to share that through my paintings.  My favorite time to paint is early in the morning and mixing all my own colors helps me shift into that painting zone. Also setting up gorgeous still life arrangements gets me itching to capture all that beauty on canvas.
Who inspires you?  
My Mom inspires me still to this day. I believe that painting came to me as I started caring for her through her long journey with Severe Dementia.   I used to say that painting was my “escape” from that sadness of the long goodbye. What I have come to discover is that painting is a gift to myself that I now can share with others through my paintings. I continue learning so many lessons and aspire to be as gracious and as kind as she always was. My daughters inspire me as they are not only smart and beautiful but very kind and thoughtful too.  My husband inspires me every day to be the best person and artist that I can be and to make a difference.
If you could give a piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?  
If I can do this then so can you!  It’s a generous and kind world of talented artists that welcome each other through that commonality.  Once you learn and begin to really “see” this amazingly gorgeous world around us you will be blown away. That in and of itself is such a gift….appreciating and acknowledging nature’s color palette that is right in front of us.
Share one great adventure you’ve experienced.
I am blessed to be able to get to paint plein air at the beach a couple of times a year. One of my favorite plein air trips was with a group of fabulously talented artist friends and we had a blast.   We painted all over several Islands and beaches and every thing in between. It was such a beautiful week of hard core painting and sweet fellowship for us all. They talked me into giving a golf lesson on the beach and they all did so good. Everyone made a wish as they launched a golf ball out into the ocean. That was the best of both my worlds coming together right there. So special!
What would you be doing if you weren’t an artist?
I can’t even imagine not being Artist as painting is like breathing to me. If I had to pick… I would be coaching again at the Collegiate level. One of my most favorite occupations was the years I spent as a golf coach at Georgia. Making a difference in those students lives was so special to be a part of. Nothing better than an early morning out on the golf course talking about all the important things in life. Golf has been very good to our family.  I have been married to a PGA Professional for 36 years and both daughters playing collegiate golf. Our younger daughter is a PGA Professional at Cherokee in Atlanta. I always love when my Art and Golf Worlds collide and I am super proud to be the “Official Artist”  for the Georgia PGA!
What do you want your audience to know about your work?
 How blessed I feel to be able to do what I do every day. That I paint with intuitive intention. I have a plan but I believe that the painting lets me know what it needs and how to get my feelings mixed in with my paint and that is what is so special. The peacefulness that I get from painting is evident right back in the painting.   I believe that’s my favorite part…”Painting Peace and Grace everyday.”
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Cousart painting plein air
KathyCousart:CarolMarine beach:golf lesson
Cousart giving golf lessons on the beach
The 9th Hole ©KathyCousart
The Ninth Hole by Cousart. Available at Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery. Email info@anneneilsonfineart.com for inquiries. 
To The Green (lg) ©KathyCousart
To The Green by Cousart. Available at Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery. Email info@anneneilsonfineart.com for inquiries.