Tips and Tricks to Curate a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a space to exhibit artwork and collections. A blank canvas which possesses endless possibilities and custom designs from every angel created by you, the curator. The process takes time and thought for a cohesive look to occur. Gallery walls bring style and personality to any room or space. It can be a great addition to display what you love and tell the story of you and your artistic taste!

1. Art and Arrangement — your collection deserves a space to shine collectively on display! Take time and plan out the area to make a deliberate arrangement, rather than an aimless design. Try placing the pieces in different arrangements on the floor first to find what works best. The gallery wall should complement your space while telling your unique story.

2. Consistency is key — a unified aesthetic can make all the difference! Pay attention to your pieces’ color palette, genre, and impact. Build upon what you already have in your collection and continue with a common theme; those elements will help guide the overall appeal.

3. Different Dimensions — consider various sizes and art forms! Try mixed media and hanging sculptures in order to create more depth and freshness. Challenge the conventional with three-dimensional pieces that add awe to the group. Combining elements of art, photographs, physical mementos that mix and form into your personality on a wall.

4. Fresh Frames — it sets the stage for the artwork! The color and aesthetic of a frame can add to the cohesion of the gallery wall through similar colors and hues of the frames. It benefits the overall look and helps pull together a cohesive design.

5. Your Story — a successful gallery wall is more than beautifully unified pieces! It is built upon you, your story, your journey, and the canvas should express that.

No two walls are alike and each piece gives an insight into the person who designed it. It is tailored to you, so whatever your room needs, you are the curator!

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-Written by, Emily Anderson