Through the Lens

The night of January 10th was a wonderful start to this new year, kicking off with our very first photography exhibition! A carefully composed experience, the gallery walls feature a wide range of photography by: Fred Bettin, Edwina Willis Fleming, Thomas Hager, Josef Hoflehner, Pam Moxley, Laurie Tennent, Dean West + Ben Winkler. Ranging from perspective black and white photos, to mixed media resin-coated panels, this show reveals the varying spectrum of photography. Read on to see pictures of the exhibition opening, artists with their artwork, as well as the install shots + learn more about each of these artists!

Fred Bettin

Charlotte based artist, Fred Bettin is truly a jack-of-all-trades! Not only a professional event planner, decorator and cook; this man is also a passionate gardener, traveller and artist. Opening night, people flocked to see his cinematic views of Paris, he had just had surgery on his foot the week prior—but he rolled in with all the colors stating that “his work was all black and white, so he had to bring some color!”

To view all works available at ANFA Gallery, please visit here!

Edwina Willis Fleming

English born, the Carolina artists is lover of nature and all animals, she finds herself most inspired by the intricacies of wilderness and moments of powerful movement. Spotlighting one of her favorite pieces “Highlights”—which features the burnt orange background of an old bull ring, which is currently hung being our galleries bar—beautifully jarring in-person, a must see!

A photographer for over 2 decades, she is currently studying animal communication and healing to one day use these skills to start an animal rescue sanctuary at her farm.

To view all works available at ANFA Gallery please visit here!

Thomas Hager 

“Constantly pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium using historic photography processes, painting techniques and the latest photography technology—his visual explorations of time and beauty continue to pay homage to art history while creating original photographic innovations”. An artist full of personality and an eye-for-detail, Thomas Hager was not alone at opening night! Surrounded by friends + family, his work had all viewers dreaming of a warm getaway!

To see all works available at ANFA Gallery please visit here!

And to learn more about his photography process, visit here!

Josef Hoflehner

Originally from Austria, the featured images are from all over the world! From the Golden Gate Bridge to a chapel in upper Austria, his images depict the beauty in the emptiness of an image. “I like to mix up or change my style often, and to experiment with focus and time. Somehow, it is the seemingly the most desolate landscapes that have the greatest impact on me.”

To see his available works at ANFA Gallery please visit here!

Pam Moxley

A self-taught artist, Pam has pursued her fascination with photography + mixed media for the last two decades. Working on painted panel, with incorporated photographic images, and then topped with high-gloss resin, this artist creates a multi-faceted surface that exudes nostalgia.

“Her works are inspired by her own childhood and watching the growth of her four children. Each are her works are created to remind the viewer of their own time as a child, when the embraced life with an unbridled moxie.”

To see her available works at ANFA Gallery please visit here!

Laurie Tennent

Working out of her Birmingham, Michigan studio, the artist’s photographic process is ridden with mysterious details. The solo contrast lets the nature simplify the space, and magnifies the minimal details of each leaf, bud, and vine.

“Complexity of character, masculine and feminine, intimate yet bold, sensual yet strong: My photographs are an exploration of these dualities. By exaggerating the inner architecture of plant life, I offer the viewer a chance to become confronted by and immersed in nature.”

To see her available works at ANFA Gallery please visit here!

Dean West

NYC based and Australian born, Dean “is best known for his intricate and highly-stages photographs that take everyday occurrences beyond the realm of natural reality. Extraordinary in their tonal range, digital clarity, and artistic vision, West’s meticulously choreographed scene, character studies , and atmospheric landscapes powerfully yet synthetically link needs to desires and documentation to invention.

“While the tableau photography of Stan Douglas and Jeff Wall inform West’s understanding of photography as a form of contemporary communication, the paintings of David Hockney and Edward Hopper provide evident aesthetic direction.”

To see his available works at ANFA Gallery please visit here!

Ben Winkler

“Ben Winkler keeps his primary studio in Boca Raton Florida, as well as Venice in Los Angeles, and a summer studio in Manhattan. He makes his home in the Florida Keys, a sub-tropical island chain with an abundance of natural beauty awaiting his lens, and a water paradise where he can indulge his zeal for sailing.”

“Evoking emotion is the why of my art. It is engrained in an artist’s heart to give. My art, seizing cherished moments and places in time, is what I present to you. My canvas is the world in front of my lens. And I am grateful and humbled to simply say of my photography and my life, ‘I am an artist.’” —Ben Winkler

To learn more about Ben and his work, please visit here!

The exhibition: Through the Lens runs till February 2nd, come and see it for yourself at Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery in Charlotte, NC!

—Written by, Sophie Lane at ANFA Gallery