Terrain: A Landscape Collective

TERRAIN: a lanscape collective, opens Thursday, September 5th 6-8PM and features 8 artists: Stuart Coleman Budd, Sarah Gayle Carter, Bethanne Kinsella Cople, Millie Gosch, Sandy Ostrau, Robert Roth, Charlotte Terrell and Sally Veach. Contemporary and traditional, the eclectic styles of their works all depict the classical imagery of landscape. For centuries artists all over the world have captured the beauty of nature and we’ve seen this tradition sail steady as each artist has their own impression.

Read on to learn more about each of the featured artists in the show and view their impression of landscape!

Sarah Gayle Carter

Her work is described as a fresh, fun, and modern take of the classical genre of landscape painting. As a previous designer, her eye responds to line, form, and color; looking for the color and structure hiding beneath the surface. Using what she sees and transforming it into an abstracted world with a recognizable play of color, texture, and geometry. After years of the controlled specification required of custom designs, she enjoys the immediacy of paint on her brush, color at her fingertips, the smell, the feel, and the constant surprises that lead the way.

Rolling Along“, 12 x 27, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Bethanne Kinsella Cople

Her plein air landscape paintings are known for their lush painterly quality. Loosely painted yet realist, they invite the viewer to experience each painting anew with every observation. With a well-defined style, Bethanne paints a diverse range of subjects; compelling skies and calming landscapes that capture scenes of brilliant snow, rich farmlands, and the varied shores of the East and West coasts. 

My Wings Are Shaken“, 8 x 8, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Sandy Ostrau

Taking scenes of her everyday life, Sandy Ostrau takes people, places, and activities and reduces them to their fundamental elements. To her, specific content is not the main focus, but rather what appears to be going on, creating situations that can be observed or contemplated in more universal ways. The sense of vagueness allows for a range of interpretations and assumptions, for viewers to add their content and emotions creating their explanations. Her use of texture, to heighten engagement, creates a sense of dimensionality, a perception of three-dimension in two.

“Rocky Shore“, 12 x 12, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Robert Roth

A spontaneous artist creates by abstracting the forms to produce a sense of mood and atmosphere. Combining a variety of textures and shapes blended with quick brush strokes to achieve a sense of lost and found. While traveling he is always recording what he sees in everyday life. Roth is particularly inspired by the likes of Degas, Vuillard, Diebenkorn, and Picasso. He spends much of his summer on the island of Martha’s Vineyard and resides in his 1850’s farmhouse and barn studio in Northeast Ohio where he is inspired by his surroundings. 

Distant Marsh“, 48 x 48, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Charlotte Terrell

A landscape architect uses century-old decorative painting techniques and translating them into fine art. Her love and expertise in landscape design inform her subject matter. Her idealized landscapes are fictional places intended to be universally familiar to the viewer, a present moment in time. She loves to work with the tactile nature of the plaster, the labor of polishing the surface, revealing layers, pooling juicy paint, and pouring glossy translucent glazes over the surface. 

Sweet Mood“, 36 x 48, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Millie Gosch

She is an avid plein air painter who paints studies from real life and from these studies she creates beautiful landscape pieces. Her favorite subjects are big open fields, sunrises, sunsets, trees, the low country, and the southland. She uses a limited palette of primary colors and paints what she knows. Her work brings viewers into the painting and allows them to make it their own experience.

Sunset Pond“, 24 x 36, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Sally Veach

A contemporary landscape painter inspired by and practicing in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. She uses quick, gestural strokes in oil, acrylic, and other media with brush, palette knife, and fingers to portray the beautiful perfection of nature at odds with the activities of man. Her paintings address the fact that her country’s barns are slowly returning to nature. For Veach, barns symbolize aspects of humanity that intersect with nature. Her barns also speak to her of the spirits of ancestors who were some of the United State’s first immigrants. 

Resurrection IV“, 36 x 36, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Stuart Coleman Budd

As a traveler, he uses the experience to practice familiarity, and essence needed to recreate his beloved wilderness from memory in the studio. He captures a timelessness and calm of the way places feel rather than look. Layering the canvas with surfaces of neutral shades of grey, silver, cream, and blue to create a hazy atmosphere has become Budd’s staple. 

“Southeast“, 40 x 60, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Terrain is the breath of fresh air the gallery and you need. Take the first step to adventure and see the sights, greenery, and life captured in our opening reception on September 5th.

—Written by, Emily