Standing Still: Marcy Gregg

A solo exhibition featuring Marcy Gregg, Standing Still opens Thursday, November 14, 6-8 PM. Renowned for her distinctive abstract paintings which spring from a love of color and line, this exhibition will feature works by Marcy Gregg, including a series of still lifes.

A Million Reasons“, 60 x 48, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

A rural Texas artist’s distinctive artwork described as “puzzles” that embody unexpected perspectives through her palette and distinctive line work. It is through an artistic process of finding “lines lost and unexpected perspective found” that Marcy imbues her compositions with energy. As an abstract artist, she is influenced by the awe of the color and shapes that she sees around her.

No Matter What“, 40 x 40, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

More recently, Marcy stemmed out from what she knew to be her normal to the world of still life. Her new genre embodies the notable style of color and line work throughout. The simplicity of the inanimate subject matter corresponds with the high energy hues ultimately giving them a surprising twist.

Strength and Peace“, 40 x 40, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

“As life takes its turns, so does my art… It was in the stillness of my studio that a new perspective was found both in spirit and style.”

-Marcy Gregg
Sing About It“, 60 x 60, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

The collection of Marcy’s work explores the intimate process; writing a hidden message across the bare canvas as inspiration from which she paints. The foundation words will be unseen, though the process and end-result remain, as a result the viewer discovers the meaning and life within each piece. Her hope is that through the line work the viewer is able to find an unexpected perspective.

The Reason“, 36 x 36, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

So join us on the evening of Thursday, November 14 for a night of spectacular artwork by Marcy Gregg!