Spring Fever

Winter chills have finally subsided making way for the first few glimpses of spring. As we say goodbye to March, Anne Neilson Fine Art is saying hello to April by filling their walls with colorful abstracts and sunny, outdoor landscapes to reflect warmer days ahead.


Millie Gosch, Low Country Tide, 36 x 48

Millie Gosch’s vibrant landscapes light up our walls as part of the current exhibition, Timeless. With a love of nature, Millie’s open fields, marshlands, and sunsets are all painted “en plein air” meaning directly from life, in the outdoors, and without relying on photographs. Her connection to nature is expressed in the below landscape, Low Country Tide, which highlights the sun’s effect on the billowing pink clouds and low country waters.


Ellen Dodd, A Touch of Spring Fever, 30 x 30

Ellen Dodd’s vivid abstracts radiate bold colors. A Touch of Spring Fever combines different shades of blues, greens, and yellows in a flurry of gestural brushstrokes to light up our dulled winter senses.



Jhina Alvarado, Two at the Beach, 30 x 40

Jhina Alvarado paints her characters in raw umber and white to create a striking contrast against her boldly pattered backgrounds. A single color is applied to each stencil design to form the background of the painting. Finally, a layer of encaustic wax covers the entire painting adding a yellow-tint reminiscent of the 1930s to 1960s photographs Alvarado uses as inspiration. The timeless figures are cut off through the face leaving a trace of mystery and allowing viewers to apply their own memories. Two at the Beach conjures up memories of long beach days under the hot summer sun.



Kerry Steele, Electricity, 48 x 60

Kerry Steel uses terra, plants, and water along with seasons and light as her subjects. She seeks to isolate separate elements and narrate their relation without ignoring the conscious process of composition. Her spontaneous and emotive painting, Electricity brings about aspects of the changing seasons from winter to spring. Creating a visual metaphor, the imposing abstract painting at 48 inches tall and 60 inches wide engulfs the viewer with it’s dynamic juxtaposition between light and dark.

Stop by the gallery to check out these captivating artworks and more. They will be sure to add a spring to your step!