Small Works Show

Have yourself, a merry little Christmas! Our Small Works Show is up through the New Year and what better gift, than the gift of an original piece of artwork?

We have a great selection of work by over 30+ artists and it’s all small enough to fit under your Christmas tree!

Read on to see more of our current exhibition, and learn more about buying small works of art.

Buying a piece of artwork can often be hassled into a predicament of needing to fulfill a certain destiny; this grand, statement work that hangs over a mantle, or becomes the focal point of a room and to many this means bigger—but that doesn’t always mean better.

For most first-time fine art buyers, the commitment and investment of a big work can seem overwhelming and ultimately discouraging. Same with gifting someone a piece of art. They may have a personal vision for their home, and a small piece won’t disrupt that vision like a larger work might.

Enter small works!

Not only are they particularly precious, but they come with less stress and more opportunities! With a larger work: the size of the wall, the edge of molding and everything in its surroundings becomes another detail to consider when hanging.  Plus, with the scale of larger works of art, placement can be very limited as wall space is always something to recognize.

Now, with smaller works—you can lean it amongst a bookcase, on a small easel to be placed on any surface, and as for wall space, there isn’t much to consider as its petite nature allows it to hang almost anywhere. This leaves you with limitless possibilities and if/when you move, the art is also not only easier to pack, but also will beautifully find its own new home.

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

-George Eliot

Also, once you’ve collected a few smaller works you can create a personal, eclectic gallery wall that not only incorporates all that you’ve invested—but it also forms it’s own statement that can easily fill that blank space above your couch or along a hallway in your home!

Love a certain artist? Buying a collection of their smaller works not only ensures unity within the breathe of work, but also creates an opportunity to build a relationship with that artist. Also, with smaller series like Pam Moxley’s rendition of the Three Wise Monkeys: see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, creates a beautiful, modernized narrative.

This show encompasses variety, there is something for everyone and your special someone! Keep us in mind for ringing in the new year—a perfect time to rearrange furniture and try new things! Or keep an eye on a painting of interest for the perfect Valentines day gift!

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—Written by, Sophie Lane at ANFA Gallery