Pursley Dixon Pop-Up!


As today was the last day of the Pursley Dixon Architecture Pop-Up-Shop at our gallery, it’s only fitting to share this amazing expierience with all of you!

5 days of all things old n’ new, the pop-up encompassed the entire gallery and our current exhibition, Olly Olly Oxen Free! The collaborative duo show featuring art by Stephanie King + Pam McDonald.

For those of you who don’t know what Pursley Dixon Architecture is… here is a little snippet from their website!


“an architecture + interior design firm specializing in custom residential work. Founded on the simple thought that beauty matters, our firm strives to thoughtfully create living spaces that are as beautiful and unique as the people who will occupy them. Ever mindful of traditional building elements, the design team collectively views both modernism and classicism as a part of the broader language of architecture, while working to cultivate a fresh and forward approach to design. Distinctive homes created by the thirteen member firm can be found throughout the country, including in North Carolina, New York, California, Illinois, Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, Vermont, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and South Carolina.”

Read on to learn about this beautiful firm, view pictures of the installation at our gallery + some complete projects of their own!

Each room of the gallery had an experience of its own, from the lush throw to the metal bookcase—all was picked with deliberate action + focus on the art. The rugs were all provided by Julie Edge, the best is that their versatility + natural tonality fits any style!



While Anne’s Angels become the spotlight in any setting, the luminosity they seep into their surroundings is unparalleled. The neutrals, pastels + pops up color are so universally complimentary—the setting can be anywhere!

The way Pursley Dixon Architecture set-up this corner let the paintings speak for themselves. They reverberated the light and contrast the simplicity + linear qualities of their furniture and accessories.



The projects and interiors that Pursley Dixon Architecture have competed are too good not to share, while more can be viewed here! Seeing the capability of this company truly puts their visionary talent, in the spotlight!

“Our work has been featured in numerous publications including Traditional Home, Luxe Interiors + Design, Garden & Gun, House Beautiful, Southern Accents, Southern Living, Renovation Style, Elegant Homes, Decor Magazine, Southern Home, The Classicist, and Beautiful Homes. We were honored to receive the Veranda/ADAC 2014 award for architecture firm of the year and the Southern Living Home of the Year award for 2015.”


Their interiors also bring such joy to the spaces they enter, and ANFA Gallery is so thrilled to have had the chance to host such an admirable firm.

The collaborative elements of antiquity, midcentury and modern are so carefully balanced—it can almost appear effortless. Like the airy quality achieved in this room, while the dark elements pin-point where the space bends and falls, the peachy throw, gold accents and rounded table establish the warmth and liveliness that should be administered into every home.



Neutrals and white are fun, but the colors Pursley Dixon put together in front of Stephanie King + Pam McDonald’s “Pick Up Sticks” painting, were an absolute whirl of worldly cohesiveness. From the geo-woven pillows to the midcentury daybed, the zest of this installation was a sight for color-seeking eyes.

What a great pop-up! For more even more installation pictures of this events, scroll a little more + visit our Instagram and check out our Pursley Dixon Architecture posts + highlight, here!

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To view the works of our exhibition Olly Olly Oxen Free, please visit here + here!

Thank you for reading!

—Written by, Sophie Lane at ANFA Gallery