Olly Olly Oxen Free: The Dynamic Duo

As a collaborating duo, we asked Stephanie + Pam about their experience coming together to create a body of work for the exhibition, Olly Olly Oxen Free which is up until the end of this week, 4/20/19!

The exhibition features work by both Stephanie + Pam individually, while spotlighting the work they made together. Read on to view their works and learn more about the collaboration and their experience!

Stephanie featured on the left, and Pam on the right. 

So, what is it like to work with another artist for a collaboration show? Are there any down-sides or upsides to the experience?

S: “I think it has given us the opportunity to grow as artists and personally. All relationships require communication and work so this is not unlike any other! We are both conscious of communicating openly! The downside for me is just working in between studios! Going back and forth is sometimes hard.”

P: “Lets speak about the great things…

The upsides are many, like learning how to be flexible and holding loosely to the outcome of a painting during the process.  Also, immersing yourself into the process of another artist enlightens you to areas of inefficiency within your own practice.   Stephanie is very organized and methodical whereas I am experimental and spontaneous and this forces flexibility from both of us.  When we are doing a project together, Stephanie keeps us on a timeline, really thinks through the color palettes we use, offers a ton of skill with water based media (I use oils in my own work) and I like starting new drawings and doing the computer stuff…

As far as the work itself goes, I love thinking up narratives and drawing them out. Many times the composition changes as we go along, but I still like to hear the starting gun so I can take off on a big white sheet of paper!  Stephanie is always thinking about color and has a tried and true process for picking them. While we discuss options for color, I feel very comfortable following her lead, knowing it will turn out well.”

Collaborative Work: Marco Polo, 60 x 54 

Do you have any favorite aspects of each other’s work? A favorite piece or artistic style?

S: “Pam is a process investigator. She loves experimenting with process and i am not as free and curious with that aspect of making art. I love Pams fence series.”

P: “My favorite aspect of Stephanie’s work would be the the light touch (those animal hairs tho!) she is able to maintain throughout her work.  I loved the Raccoon/lantern piece that she did for this show.  The patina of the metal lantern is my favorite part within that particular painting.”

Collaborative Work: Leap Frog, 54 x 63

Are you friends outside of the art-making? If so, what do you like to do together?

S: “We are friends! We talk a lot about spirituality and being human. 🙂 “

P: “Of course we are!  We talk a lot and check in on each other constantly.  Occasionally, we will walk our dogs together and like twice a year, I’ll decide I want to pursue yoga for real this time and I’ll take a class with her.  I’m still waiting on her discipline to rub off on me.  One day, maybe but its looking like maybe not so far.”

Collaborative Work: Pick Up Sticks, 60 x 54

If you could do one thing that the other can, what would it be?

S: “Pam is really good with technology and i am the worst!!! She is also constantly experimenting!!!!”

P: “I would have a routine that I stick to.”

Collaborative Work: Barking Up The Wrong Tree, 39 x 55

How did you guys come up with the title: olly olly oxen free?

S: “It was a conversation about these paintings we were making where the animals seemed to be being hunted. We wanted the animals to be smarter than the hunter. Pam found the title as we searched for related subject matter. It fit perfectly!!”

P: “We were discussing how to title the last show one day while we were painting together and Stephanie said “I would like for the title to use the word free”. So, I Googled idioms using the word free and Olly Olly Oxen Free popped up.  It was a perfect title for the series.  Thanks Google.”

Collaborative Work: Hide And Go Seek, 54 x 62

Collaboration is such an inspiration, and a sort of rarity when it comes to art exhibitions. Come to the gallery this week to check out the show!

Click here + here to view more works by the artists, and a Pinterest Board is coming soon!

—Written by, Sophie Lane at ANFA Gallery