Mixing & Matching Artwork In Your Home

Source: Anne Buresh Interior Design

When collecting original artwork it is important to collect pieces that you speak to you. If you can’t stop thinking about that piece you saw in the window, that is the perfect sign it was meant for you! Your collection should be indicative of who you are and evolve over time. Mixing and matching art may be intimidating at first, but there are many ways to display your collection throughout your home.

A Gallery wall is a great way to unify your collection, elevate a space, and express your personality. A question that often arises is how to mix and match artwork successfully, without being overwhelming. Naturally, your eye wants to move around a layout that is active, with negative space to rest. This can be accomplished through variation, allowing the pieces to collaborate to be alluring and inviting.

To create the perfect gallery wall in your home, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Think of your gallery wall as a single piece composed of meaningful artwork. Your love for the piece is enough for them to pair together.
  2. Connect different artistic styles and mediums through a common factor or connector piece. This can through framing, color, or style.
  3. Size and scale help the eye move from piece to piece. Hang the artwork 2-3 inches apart to keep it simple and uncluttered. Play with various arrangements before finding the perfect fit.
Source: Anne Buresh Interior Design

Create a setting for the artwork to live in. Adding personal objects such as books, light fixtures, vases, or a mirror will complete the space by displaying the artwork as well as your personal touch. Try positioning artwork against a wall, placed on a shelf like featured above.

Combining artwork is a great way to create juxtaposition within your home. This can be achieved by mixing art mediums, size/scale, subject matter, color, style, and texture. Below are pieces found at Anne Neilson Fine Art that create the perfect unexpected combination:

— Landon Sule, Intern