McColl Center Alumni + Local Artists Feature

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This August, Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery will be featuring the collective works of several artists whose work exemplifies the locality of its makers and distinguishes the alumni of the McColl Center for Art + Innovation. This hub for creativity resides in a gothic-revived church that was built in 1926. After the church, a few years of vacancy and a fire that left the interior barren, it was bought in 1995 to become what it is today!

With the support of Hugh McColl and the Arts & Science Council, and with the vision of the FMK Architects and rebuilt by Rodgers Builders, the McColl Center for Art + Innovation opened it’s doors in 1999. Since then it “has become a nationally acclaimed contemporary art center dedicated to connecting art and artists with the community.”

The McColl alumni artists that will be in our upcoming exhibition are: Linda Luise Brown, Ivan Toth Depena, Diane Hughes, Carmella Jarvi and Terry Shipley. The featured local artists to accompany the McColl alumni are Kristen van Diggellen Sloan and Tony Griffin.

Read more about each of these artists & the art— below!

LINDA LUISE BROWN is a painter, writer, and teacher, with over 25 years experience as a professional artist. Her work is abstract, painterly and lush, with boundless contrasting fields of color and texture that subtly vary as the artists knowledge of art history and architecture is deep – a valuable resource for the artist who often questions, pushes, and experiments with her alluding imagery within constructive composition.

McColl Resident Apr 3 — Mar 25 2013

Persephone II, Oil on Canvas, 36 x 48

IVAN TOTH DEPENA combines scientific, technological and traditional media in a new way the surpasses the surface it encounters. His use of innovative materials, custom software, digital fabrication and methods of contact with the surfaces of his works, blurs the boundaries of nature and machine. The output is a layered fusion of visual stimulation and invasive connection, that the artist pursues to evolve at the intersection of differing disciplines “with the aim of choreographing the moment when these aspects come together seamlessly.”

McColl Resident Jan 6 — Mar 25 2014

Red Shift, mixed media on wood panel, 72 x 48

DIANE HUGHES creates mixed media photographs that emulates her passion for nature. Hughe responds “to a childhood uprooted by illness, frustrating diagnosis, and the stresses of disease, the physical power and symbolic wisdom of ‘Trees’…Drawn to the strength, rawness, texture, shape, and human-like depth of older trees, the core image always begins in black and white.” The artist then enhances the dimensionality of her work by obscuring the image with organic materials such as tea, dirt, raw vegetable juice, olive oil, and vinegars with the goal of creating color, texture, a new physicality, and an affirmation of health.

McColl Resident Apr 13 2009 — Mar 22 2010

Fallen Angels, hyssop flower, poppy, pine tar, & beeswax, 18 x 25

“The more authentically rich my relationship is to self and my expression, the greater the canvas will be impacted and thusly the viewer.”

CARMELLA JARVI is an artist and entrepreneur whose fascination and appreciation of water has inspired unique painterly forms of glass, with translucency and fluidity that are characteristic of their aquatic inspiration. “Her pieces have multiple firings and layers, with lots of cold working in between (using tile cutter, belt sander, and even breaking glass). She often utilizes kiln heat and gravity to move glass.”

McColl Resident Apr 12 — Aug 23 2010

Urban Eddy Movement, kiln glass, 10 rounds, approximately 60 x 40

The Urban Eddy Movement wall mounted kiln glass composite will be at our exhibition, but can also be viewed at the CLT Powerhouse (former Trolley Museum) as one of Jarvi’s public art projects that was created in late 2017.The enlarged translucent vinyls of the original water glass were printed and installed on the buildings windows and doors in January of 2018.

TERRY SHIPLEY is a ceramicist whose elaborate body of playful works is “usually sculptural, sometimes functional, always decorative.” The balancing act of stacking components  and the outrageous accumulation of color, line, pattern and elements of flora and fauna, can best be described as a true delight to see! Working with slab constructed clay, her imagery depicts the artists curiosity and love of nature—especially flowers, animals, and insects—that cultivates the energy of childish giggles and exemplifies sheer joy.

McColl Resident Jan 1 — Jun 1 2003

Night & Day, ceramic & glaze, 72 x 24 x 14 

KRISTEN VAN DIGGELLEN SLOAN is -a blast from the past-, all the while unravelling various aspects of modern science, poetry and ultimatley leaves the viewer questioning  the nature of their reality. Her large-scale oil paintings defy perceptibility and instead utilize Baroque sensibility and humanistic adaptation to conceive “monumentally scaled portraits of a spiritual journey or condition.” Amidst the landscape or figurine, her works encompass the human psychological experience and use complex imagery to refer to the best kept secret and/or reveal a tantalizing narrative.

Local Charlotte Artist

The Wise Virgin, Oil on Canvas, 96 x 57.6

Me Too Girl, Oil on canvas, 40 x 30

“Her more recent ceramic work adopts a maternal lens, and is inspired by the Southern craft tradition of the face jug… “the art of inwardness, or pedagogy of interiority.”

TONY GRIFFIN is a classically trained painter whose work displays the artists attentive nature of observation. Living and working in North Carolina, “he is a perceptual painter; his work is based on observation and response.”  Appreciating his academic training in the fine arts, Griffin’s work has evolved into a “more personal and direct interpretation of his experiences and surroundings.” His most recent works are of vases that represent his concept of siblings, and the way life has a way of chipping away at us, with the familiarity in baring lifes’ weatherings.

Local Charlotte Artist

Siblings,  Oil on Canvas, 24 x 48

All of these artists come from the local vicinity of Charlotte and Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery is honored to be housing their work for an exhibition to be appreciated by all of the Queens City residents and visitors alike.

Please join us August 2nd, 6-8pm and enjoy the coming together of these diverse individuals from the creative community of Charlotte.

—Written by, Sophie Lane at ANFA Gallery