Local Missionary Serving Asia


If you could live anywhere in the world, regardless of money or travel time, where would you go? Growing up, Ashley always had the same answer for this question: Charlotte, NC. A Queen City girl through and through, she could imagine nothing better than years of rooting on the Panthers and the Hornets, attending Greek Fest, and experiencing the beauty of four Carolina seasons every year.

When she visited Ethiopia the summer after high school, she was the most surprised of anyone to discover that God was calling her to live life overseas. She realized that there were people in the world who had never even heard of Jesus, and she knew she wanted to be part of telling them how much Hope and Love and Goodness He had to offer, even if it meant being far from home. After finishing school, she lived in Tanzania for a year, sharing Christ with villagers near the Indian Ocean. Now, she is committed to moving to Asia to share life with a group of people who have no idea that they are made in the image of God, who loves them more passionately than they could imagine.

We are honored to support Ashley in her missions and we hope you will join us in lifting her up in prayer and through financial gifts.