Warm Waters


















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ANFA proudly introduces our six year anniversary exhibition, WARM WATERS, on view at the gallery, online, and by private appointment from Wednesday, May 19 through Friday, August 29, 2020.

Water is vital for all forms of life. It is an elemental and emotional source of our existence. We all share an inherent connection to water—the serenity which comes from a sun-dappled day at the beach, or a sense of the sublime when gazing into the crystalline oceanic expanse.

ANFA’s anniversary exhibition celebrates six artists of varied, creative interpretations of water— from highly nuanced color photography (Jonathan Smith; Brooklyn, NY) to geometric seaglass paintings (Kerry Hays; Atlanta, GA) and wax encaustic abstractions (Dusty Griffith; Atlanta, GA); to gentle, atmospheric, marshscapes (Judith Judy; Vienna, VA + Fenwick Island, DE) to vibrant, balmy beach scenes bursting with life (Daniela Schweitzer; Los Angeles, CA) to hand-built ceramic installations as ode to the myriad vibrance of coral marine life (Allison Luce, Charlotte, NC + Hilton Head, SC).

Life has been difficult, isolated and trying these past few months. Though your travel plans to seaside escapes may be cancelled or postponed for the summer, we invite you to the cathartic, uplifting, serene experience of a journey through WARM WATERS with us…

See you on the horizon soon!