Standing Still: Marcy Gregg

Nov 11, 19

A solo exhibition featuring Marcy Gregg, Standing Still opens Thursday, November 14, 6-8 PM. Renowned for her distinctive abstract paintings which spring from a love of color and line, this exhibition will feature works by Marcy Gregg, including a series of still lifes.

A Million Reasons“, 60 x 48, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.


Oct 9, 19

Join us Thursday, October 10th for the opening reception of ANIMALIA, a solo exhibition featuring Alex Beard.

Pelicans of the Blue Bayou“, 48 x 60, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Oil on canvas and ink on paper originals. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Watering Hole Foundation to help endangered species and the wildernesses in which they live.


Artist’s Lecture + Demo with Bethanne Kinsella Cople

Sep 3, 19

This Thursday, September 5, 10:30 AM–12:30 PM

Bethanne Kinsella Cople is a featured artist in our upcoming exhibition TERRAIN, opening this Thursday evening, September 5th.

Sometime Too Hot the Eye of Heaven Shines“, 20 x 20, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Terrain: A Landscape Collective

Aug 16, 19

TERRAIN: a lanscape collective, opens Thursday, September 5th 6-8PM and features 8 artists: Stuart Coleman Budd, Sarah Gayle Carter, Bethanne Kinsella Cople, Millie Gosch, Sandy Ostrau, Robert Roth, Charlotte Terrell and Sally Veach. Contemporary and traditional, the eclectic styles of their works all depict the classical imagery of landscape. For centuries artists all over the world have captured the beauty of nature and we’ve seen this tradition sail steady as each artist has their own impression.

Read on to learn more about each of the featured artists in the show and view their impression of landscape!


What’s Up?

Aug 2, 19

Our Form, Figure, Gesture show has come down and What is Up—is a Rehang! The season of change is almost upon us so come check out our walls featuring new arrivals and summertime works up now—through early September!

Read on to view the works and familiarize yourself with the featured artists!


Artist Spotlight: Donna Bernstein

Jul 26, 19

Donna Bernstein is a long time represented artist here at ANFA Gallery, highlighting her simplistic, yet powerful portrayals of horses—her work demonstrates the essence of line and the understanding of form. From New York and currently living in Arizona, her work and fine art fashion can be seen all around! In her own words…

“I paint the classic form of the horse in modern colors and a signature style. In the process, I have learned it is not horses that I paint; I paint the way they make me feel.”

Read on to learn more about this incredible artist!


Tips and Tricks to Curate a Gallery Wall

Jul 2, 19

A gallery wall is a space to exhibit artwork and collections. A blank canvas which possesses endless possibilities and custom designs from every angel created by you, the curator. The process takes time and thought for a cohesive look to occur. Gallery walls bring style and personality to any room or space. It can be a great addition to display what you love and tell the story of you and your artistic taste!


Artist Spotlight: Daniela Schweitzer

Jun 18, 19
Artist: Daniela Schweitzer, pictured with work.

Our current show Form Figure Gesture opened a couple weeks ago and features work by Gail Ragains, Lisa Moore, Bonnie Goldberg and Daniela Schweitzer—who we are highlighting in this artist spotlight!

Daniela Schweitzer was born in the countryside of Argentina and currently resides in Santa Monica, CA where she paints both in her studio as well as en plain air along the coast. Having been featured in UK Vogue and with several solo exhibitions on the horizon, we are honored to represent her and her assortment of works that call in all sorts of color and subjectivity. LA based art critic, Peter Frank wrote just last year, that “she has developed a distinctive style that yet bespeaks its roots, and extends a painterly tradition that in this day and age would hardly seem extendable. More importantly, she makes art not to admire its philosophical intricacy, but to share that intricacy with her viewers.” For full written critique, please click here!

Read on to get to know Daniela: her life, work and ideas + view all works by her available at our gallery—PLUS a sneak peek into her studio!


Artist Spotlight: Gail Ragains

Jun 5, 19

Gail Ragains is a remarkable person who has done so much, and is still doing so much! We’d all like to take a stroll in her back-yard and talk to her all about the crazy experience of participating in the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon! Amazing and driven, her painting style is relaxed and riddled with improvisation.

She allows the paint to just be what it is, and non-intentionally reacts to the paint as it’s applied with ease. The work speaks for itself as it portrays it’s raw form and seemingly exists to the viewer as an experience.

With 25 years of being a massage therapist under her belt, she depicts the human form with a hands-on outlook; and having been painting since the early 1900’s, she is represented in galleries in both the US and Canada— Where her figures induce a sense of overall relaxation.

Read on to learn more about Gail Ragains, see her life and love for coffee, and works available here at ANFA Gallery!


Artist Spotlight: Lisa Moore

May 29, 19

Lisa Upchurch Moore is an Atlanta based artist whose beautifully stunning works of the female figure carry such a sense of serenity. From the palette to the the canvas, the depiction of emotion and persona in these paintings is eternally apparent and utterly mezmerizing!

“Keep It Hush Hush” by Lisa Moore. Currently available at ANFA Gallery, Charlotte NC.

“People are bombarded daily with images of all that is wrong and ugly in our world. Sometimes that constant flow of negativity establishes an overarching cynicism and melancholy… and we forget that we have a choice in our perspective. I am inspired by… The beauty of the figure both human and horse in motion or at rest. The feeling of love and joy when watching children at play and the history of old worn out buildings.I love capturing the essence of those people, places or things and bringing their soul forward to view and feel. My hope is that through my art, viewers will choose to tap into the feelings of joy, comfort, and happiness that stem from the simple things of everyday life … holding a child’s hand, feeling the warmth of an animal, or remembering a place or time that holds meaning.” — Lisa Moore

Her hometowns are Calhoun and Carrollton, GA and she is currently based in Atlanta! Read on to learn more about Lisa’s work and life!