Olly Olly Oxen Free: The Dynamic Duo

Apr 15, 19


As a collaborating duo, we asked Stephanie + Pam about their experience coming together to create a body of work for the exhibition, Olly Olly Oxen Free which is up until the end of this week, 4/20/19!

The exhibition features work by both Stephanie + Pam individually, while spotlighting the work they made together. Read on to view their works and learn more about the collaboration and their experience!



Artist Spotlight: Heather Blanton

Apr 9, 19

In celebration of spring and the coming of sun, we also embrace the outdoors especially this time of year! Ringing in competition and reviving the human spirit, American painter and photographer, Heather Blanton—known for her graphite + acrylic works, latest series “Sports” has art-buyers and sport enthusiasts alike rushing for the finish line of MINE!

“My works are focused on the energy of the race,” Blanton explains of her “Sports” series. “They are easily distinguishable by compositional elements of color and form. By creating dialog between the viewer and the subject matter, this series is a cohesive collection of flat images with a chaotic, pattern-like style where the lines and negative spaces are almost as important as the subject matter.”

A professional artist since 2004, Blanton has successfully shown in nearly 50 exhibitions and her work can be found in public and private collections around the globe from Amsterdam and Atlanta to Manhattan and Miami. She has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets and continues to work as the conduit to capture her client’s passions of skiing, cycling, golfing, horse racing, and everything in between.

“My work is energy made to manifest. The human spirit thriving on excellence only brought through competition. They are celebrations of the humans spirit and the will to win.” —Heather Blanton


Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Currently Living: Saint Augustine, FL

When did you start your career in art? How long have you known you wanted to be an artist?

“I started showing 18 years ago in Jacksonville, FL. I moved to NYC 4 years later and showed some up there. I have been showing continuously since I have always wanted to be an artist, but was not encouraged as my parents did not believe it was a career choice but rather a hobby. It started with commercial photography at age 23 and moved into fine art photography 18 years ago at age 27. I have been painting now for a little over 5 years.”


Describe your aesthetic in three words: “impressionistic, pop-art, minimalism”


Describe your artistic process and preparation?

“I meditate a lot, pray more and do focused visualizations for manifestation. I watch many true story sports movies and youtube videos of sports I don’t understand so that I can paint them more accurately.”


Favorite piece you’ve painted to date and why?

“My first large marathon 60″ x 48″ is one of my favorites. There are hundreds if not thousands of little runners on it.  I have moved into a more minimal style but i love that chaotic piece. It hangs in my kitchen as I can’t part with it yet.”


Who inspires you personally and/or professionally?

“My sisters inspire me. Claire, my elder sister is a partner at RSM and travels internationally with her current position. She wins awards constantly and has been a light of shining achievement. Holly, my twin sister is also an artist and works harder than any artist I’ve ever seen. Ashley, my younger sister is a mom to four kids and makes rustic furniture. We have a strong support system and encourage each other.”

Holly & Heather Blanton


What challenges do you think exist in the world of fine art?

“Being an artist is a true priviledge but does have many challenges. Trying to sell work consistently, pay bills, no health insurance, no retirement, no consistency all have serious stress level complications.”


How do you approach/overcome them?

“I try to take care of myself as much as possible with a strict healthy diet, exercise, mediation, prayer, reading a lot and try to stay away from drama and the news as much as possible.”


Biggest accomplishment to date (personally or professionally)?

“I am currently in 11 galleries across the u.s.  I have been making a living on art full time for almost 15 years.”


Favorite location to paint/what is your studio like?

“I paint in my home. I have a little room with north and south windows so it has nice light.”


A random fact about you:

“I am an animal freak I have three dogs but love all animals.”


Favorite place to vacation? And/or dream trip?

“I love going anywhere new. I have been to many places around the world,  a few favorites are Holland, Ireland, Spain and India.”


What are you currently reading?

“Daily Rituals. A book about creatives and their daily routines.”


What are you currently listening to?

“Vinyl! I am a vinyl freak and have been collecting them for over a decade. In the studio I love opera and classical because words I understand sometimes distract me.”


What would you be doing if you were not an artist?

“I can’t even think about it. I can’t do anything else!!”


ANFA Gallery is so thrilled to be representing Heather Blanton, and have loads of her work in stock! For yourself, a casual gold lover of professional bike racer—there is something for every fan or fanatic!

Now on Pinterest! See Heather Blanton’s board here!

To view the inventory for Blanton’s work at our gallery, please click here!

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Pursley Dixon Pop-Up!

Mar 26, 19


As today was the last day of the Pursley Dixon Architecture Pop-Up-Shop at our gallery, it’s only fitting to share this amazing expierience with all of you!

5 days of all things old n’ new, the pop-up encompassed the entire gallery and our current exhibition, Olly Olly Oxen Free! The collaborative duo show featuring art by Stephanie King + Pam McDonald.

For those of you who don’t know what Pursley Dixon Architecture is… here is a little snippet from their website!


“an architecture + interior design firm specializing in custom residential work. Founded on the simple thought that beauty matters, our firm strives to thoughtfully create living spaces that are as beautiful and unique as the people who will occupy them. Ever mindful of traditional building elements, the design team collectively views both modernism and classicism as a part of the broader language of architecture, while working to cultivate a fresh and forward approach to design. Distinctive homes created by the thirteen member firm can be found throughout the country, including in North Carolina, New York, California, Illinois, Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, Vermont, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and South Carolina.”

Read on to learn about this beautiful firm, view pictures of the installation at our gallery + some complete projects of their own! (more…)

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Olly Olly Oxen Free: Stephanie King + Pam McDonnell

Mar 12, 19

Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery is happy to present Stephanie King (left) + Pam McDonnell (right), the dynamic duo whose collaborative show Olly Olly Oxen Free opens this Thursday evening, March  14th 6-8pm. While each artist brings their own style + personality to this body of work, as individual artists coming together to create, it’s their respective attributes + lives that distinguish each of them. Both artists answered the same questions and while their responses have their variations, one can seen their obvious parallels.

Read on to learn more about each artist!



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Artist Spotlight: William McLure

Feb 5, 19

Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery is so excited for our upcoming solo exhibition for William McLure, opening this Thursday evening, February 7th. This show features 24 original paintings by the artist whose especial eye for design, composition + the artistry of insightful mark making, has been featured on many design + art blogs, including: Lonny Magazine, La Dolce Vita, Southern Living, Mark D. Sikes, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine.

artist + designer, his aesthetic is “timeless, collected and emotional” — W.M.

Read on to learn more about William McLure, and view his works here! 


Artist Spotlight: Laurie Tennent

Jan 28, 19


Name: Laurie Tennent

Hometown: Birmingham, MI

Currently Living: Birmingham, MI


Nature captured in such sophisticated simplicity, Laurie creates an ever-lasting image that stands the force of the elements. A feat that allows viewers to see their favorite botanicals in every season, all year round!


Her artist statement, “Complexity of character, masculine and feminine, intimate yet bold, sensual yet strong:  My photographs are an exploration of these dualities. By exaggerating the inner architecture of plant life, I offer the viewer a chance to become confronted by and immersed in nature.”  Read on to learn more about Laurie Tennent, her life, and art! (more…)


Through the Lens

Jan 21, 19

The night of January 10th was a wonderful start to this new year, kicking off with our very first photography exhibition! A carefully composed experience, the gallery walls feature a wide range of photography by: Fred Bettin, Edwina Willis Fleming, Thomas Hager, Josef Hoflehner, Pam Moxley, Laurie Tennent, Dean West + Ben Winkler. Ranging from perspective black and white photos, to mixed media resin-coated panels, this show reveals the varying spectrum of photography. Read on to see pictures of the exhibition opening, artists with their artwork, as well as the install shots + learn more about each of these artists!


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Best of 2018: Highlights from the Spotlights

Jan 8, 19

Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery represents over 40 artists, and throughout the year we ask our artist to share details of their life & craft with us to share with all our readers! 2018 was a wondrous year of growth and contemplation, and this post highlights some of the responses we received this year in our Artist Spotlights. Each artist has their own creative mindset and space in which they make their art; from who they are—to what they read and listen to becomes a part of their work.

Read on to see the best of 2018’s Artist Spotlights and learn more about each on of these remarkable artists! (more…)

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Small Works Show

Dec 20, 18

Have yourself, a merry little Christmas! Our Small Works Show is up through the New Year and what better gift, than the gift of an original piece of artwork?

We have a great selection of work by over 30+ artists and it’s all small enough to fit under your Christmas tree!

Read on to see more of our current exhibition, and learn more about buying small works of art.



John Beerman: Renewed Wonder

Nov 16, 18

The evening of October 25th was a magical opening with one of North Carolina’s most prominently collected living artists, John Beerman. Predominately known for his luminous depictions of nature and landscape, he is an interesting individual who’s artistic career and practice has been a pleasure to study and acknowledge with his solo exhibition ‘Renewed Wonder’ currently on display at Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery till late November.