Best of 2018: Highlights from the Spotlights

Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery represents over 40 artists, and throughout the year we ask our artist to share details of their life & craft with us to share with all our readers! 2018 was a wondrous year of growth and contemplation, and this post highlights some of the responses we received this year in our Artist Spotlights. Each artist has their own creative mindset and space in which they make their art; from who they are—to what they read and listen to becomes a part of their work.

Read on to see the best of 2018’s Artist Spotlights and learn more about each on of these remarkable artists!

Sally Veach: What makes your work unique?

“I believe my work is unique in that I use traditional concepts of landscape color theory and composition combined with an abstract expressionist method.  My paintings are landscapes, but very much on the verge of pure abstraction, and I strive to make every mark free with the energy of my body and not contrived or controlled.”

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Ellen Levine Dodd: A random fact about you:

“I love adventure. I’ve been an avid windsurfer and kayaker. At 20 I spent a year traveling, motorcycling through England and Scotland, taking the Eurail up to Lapland, and working on a kibbutz in Israel for 6 months.”

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Joyce Howell: One thing you couldn’t live without?

“Good mexican food.”

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Susan Britt Macon: If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would it be?  

“My poodle Lolllie! She is spoiled, pampered and loved beyond measure!  hahaha”

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Paige Follmann: a. What challenges do you think exist in the world of fine art?

“There are all kinds of challenges from mastering your process, evolving your work, getting representation and selling your art…”

            b. How do you approach/overcome them?

“I think the key is to just stay focused on your work and what inspires you to create. Also, to go have enriching experience that inspire you… it always brings a new life to my work!”

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Pam Moxley: Describe your artistic process and preparation:

“I am a self-taught artist who creates photo-based mixed media works. I spend much of my time chronicling the lives of my children and my surroundings, creating images that emote childhood memories for the viewer.

Once I have finished with the photographic component, I continue to create through several other mediums. My mixed media works are individually created with multiple layers. I start by painting a dimensional board with several layers and textures of paint. I then use an image transfer process that I have developed to add the photograph to the board. I finish each of my works with a poured layer of high gloss resin or wax. The combination of these techniques brings each of these individual works of art to life.”

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Kinuko Hoffman: Describe your aesthetic in three words?

“Clarity, Complexity, Nuance.”

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Jane Schmidt: Favorite place to vacation? And/or dream trip?

“Maine has always been a favorite place to both vacation and paint.”

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Judith Vivell: Tell us about your path to becoming an artist?

“In my junior year my father talked me into taking a semester and a summer off to live in Florence. I took him up on it and spent most days wandering 1961 Florence and visiting the Uffizi every day.  I began by making drawings of the masterpieces I saw everywhere.  In Florence I lived at a Pension.  The woman who ran the pension always wanted to see my drawings when I would come home at night.  When she asked if she could buy one, I told her that she could have it as a gift, but she insisted on buying it.  “I want to be your first collector,” she said. It was another seven years before I had my next sale.  And it was more of a trade than a sale.  I gave a painting of a large nude to a guy who wanted to sell the rights to his loft in Chinatown in New York City. Shortly after that I received my MFA from Hunter College and had my first solo show in New York at a place called Flats Fixed in Soho.  I also started selling my prints through Hank Baum Gallery in San Francisco and through Pace Editions in New York. I was in my late twenties when all that happened.”

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Look for our first Artist Spotlight of 2019, this January!

—Written by, Sophie Lane at ANFA Gallery