Susan Britt Macon

Susan Britt Macon is a North Carolina native, Salem College graduate, wife, mother and grandmother. A self-taught artist, Susan Britt has been painting since 2003 and attending classes and workshops with noted teachers and artists to develop her craft. Inspired by movement, nature, design and personal experience; each piece is a reflection of her heart and soul. An abstract expressionist using bold colors, Susan Britt’s preferred medium is oil or acrylics on paper or canvas.

Artist Statement:

Painting has allowed me to express and record in a visual way what I am not able to put into the written word. Those who know me know that creative writing is not one of my talents; while if I were talking to a group of friends, I could “hold court” all day!  With that in mind, it is a blessing to have found the gift to create and express on canvas what is in my heart.

Several years ago, during a time of self-doubt and uncertainty, a concerned friend asked me the question…”What do you want to do?”  Abruptly, I replied, “I want to paint!”  Completely startled and looking over each of my shoulders, I asked, “Who said that?” At that moment my friend who asked the question encouraged me to embrace this call to paint. He pointed at my heart and lovingly said, “I believe that you have been given a gift…now use it!”

With anticipation and excitement, I began taking art classes and workshops. I’ve studied under accomplished artists including: Alice Williams, Frank Rowland, Mike Hoyt, John Silver, Ken Wallin, Carol Marine, Jim Draper and David Kessler. As my skills have grown in the fundamentals of drawing, color, values and composition, I have found more freedom to create and express myself. To this day, my work continues to evolve.

I would describe my painting style as abstract expressionism. I am inspired by color and movement. My compositions are influenced by nature, interior design, photographs, people and personal experiences. All my work is created to reflect a deeper personal story that is beyond a pretty or interesting painting.  Client comments include:

               “I don’t know what it is about your art, but it speaks to me.” 

               “There is such joy and hope in your paintings. They just make me happy.”

I am grateful that painting has allowed me to translate a part of my soul to canvas; sharing my joy, hope, and light.

– Susan Britt Macon

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