Michael Moon

Born and raised in Southern California, Michael Moon knew he wanted to be an artist since the second grade. From this time until graduating from college he periodically continued his interest in painting, drawing and art history and after finishing his M.A. in Educational Psychology, he began a combination of formal study of art at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California, and UCLA. For the next nine years he painted essentially in solitude. During this time he also began to be influenced by Eastern thought as well as the practice of meditation and he began to integrate Eastern and Western thought in the symbolism of his paintings.

Artist Statement:

I do not think there is any greater reason for me to paint except to seek the truth as it resonates within me and onto the canvas. My motivation is to be conscious and relentless and willing to strip away barriers in order to get to the heart of the matter. Every series that I do is a search for new possibilities. The most exciting time for me is to explore new spaces –always seeking to find a new and deeper place. This journey is sometimes clear and direct, but more often can lead to unfamiliar territory. Thus, in series such as Lines or Inner Ground much of what takes place may lead to incidents away from the obvious and comfortable. The sand and rough texture in Inner Ground is a metaphor for the sometimes coarseness in our lives but also in tandem with the metaphysical “ground of being” that philosophers and mystics discuss and seek. The same is true for Pathways and Linked in color, and even in one of a kind pieces as well. All of this work seeks out the same – an exploration based upon an intuitive underlying quest for balance and harmony in the midst of impermanence and change.

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Equilibrium #7


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