Korey Gulbrandson

“I like old things that are marked up and well used, and left alone for natural elements and time to take their course.

I find great beauty in the character of a chipped up wall, an eroded coastline, the Grand Canyon from space, or a scratched up dumpster door.  I revel in the build up and breakdown of things.  Erosion caught at the right time.

I impress to create this in my work.  Away from done or undone, a timeless beauty in the here and now. The meantime.”

Comments about the work available through ANFA:

“For a while and still am I guess intrigued by wooden park benches and tables, where generally a young teen would use a blade of some sort to scribe their mark into it. Spending a fair amount of energy and focus to express there personal truth to the universe be it rebellion or love in the form of graffiti. The power of a few scratches on a surface that makes someone somehow feel better, that personal release, that communication is intriguing to me. It feels very tribal, just like the hand marks inside a cave from thousands of years ago.”



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