Julie Maren

Over the last few years, a desire to liberate my paintings from flat surfaces and right angles, led to my exploration of more fluid and multidimensional creative approaches, expanding my techniques, and embracing new materials. The internal schism between my painterly self, who layers pigment and imagery to create compositions, and my stone carving self, who destroys and removes material to reveal what is underneath has merged. Now I cut up my paintings with power tools in order to reconfigure them in larger collage-based works. I make large flexible sculptural installations that function as large paintings. I collaborate. I make ceramic plates.

My creative path has led me to work as a painter, stone carver, installation artist, ceramicist, textile designer and illustrator. As a fine artist, I have received major grants, attended multiple artist in residency programs and sculpture symposiums, and my artwork is in private and corporate collections. My paintings have been woven into textiles in the form of a signature series with the Smartwool company. I have illustrated two children’s books: “Celia Cruz, Queen of Salsa” (Dial/Penguin, 2005) and “An Orange in January” (Dial/Penguin, 2007).

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