Dusty Griffith

My goal as an artist is to have the viewer become aware that through a three dimensional world we have access to a world that can’t be seen, the spiritual world, where there is a creator who loves and wants to know us more intimately.  There is more than just surface in my work reflecting this idea. Often there is a depth beyond the visible surface that can lead the viewer into the piece itself mirroring the dimensional world we live in.

Most of my works are very symbolic of time, events, stories and emotions. All of the symbols, sketches and found objects are layered into beeswax, Plexiglas and underneath plexi or tracing paper surfaces, causing the images or symbols to become “a part of” the whole picture not just a “piece of it”. I prefer wax, plexi and tracing paper because of their translucent qualities. I layer the work over and over until layer upon layer create the desired depth, surface texture and color. The colors and composition I choose tend to leave the viewer with a sense of peace or calm. The strokes are loose and gestural but at the same time deliberate.

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