Arden Brewer

Atlanta, Georgia native Arden Brewer feels she has always been a student of the arts using her life experiences to study and learn about art and art history.

As a teenager, she studied under the famous Contemporary Artist Sidney Guberman at his studio at TULA in Atlanta. Arden continued her creative and fine arts education in Pottersville, New Jersey under the supervision of William Starkey. Afterward, Arden traveled to the renowned Penland School of Crafts near Asheville, North Carolina to challenge herself and test her boundaries. She furthered her education with travels to the museums of Mexico and Spain to study the ancient cultures and their artwork.

Arden received her Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in fine arts with a minor in art history from Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Studying under Penny Griffin and John Hutton, Arden had her first solo oil painting exhibit as a senior. In Modern Women In the South, she juxtaposed a classical nude against a modern nude. After graduation, Arden relocated to New York City where she managed Americas Gallery, a Fine Latin American art on Madison Avenue. While there, she worked with both artist and clients before returning South to make her home in Charlotte, North Carolina. In Charlotte, Arden continued her education at Queens University, where she displayed several of her pieces at their annual gallery. She now collaborates with other artists as she hones her skills in oil painting, pastels and clay sculpture. These days you may find her teaching art to children, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces or even designing event scapes

Arden and her husband, Bryant are the proud parents of Billy, Jimmy and Frank.

A lifelong student of the arts, Arden continues to create beautiful works while inspiring a new generation of artists, most notably, her three boys. Arden’s faith continues to be a strong influence in all that she does.

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