Artist’s Lecture + Demo with Bethanne Kinsella Cople

This Thursday, September 5, 10:30 AM–12:30 PM

Bethanne Kinsella Cople is a featured artist in our upcoming exhibition TERRAIN, opening this Thursday evening, September 5th.

Sometime Too Hot the Eye of Heaven Shines“, 20 x 20, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Bethanne’s plein air landscape paintings are known for their lush, activated quality. Her work is loosely painted yet realistic, and invites the viewer to experience each painting anew.

The paintings have a timeless appeal, with her expressive brushwork and sense of color, Bethanne depicts a seamless image of both depth and beauty—qualities often found in nature. The true inspiration in every landscape, the artist’s experience with the earth.

The Sky Is An Immortal Tent“, 8 x 10, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

During the lecture, she will be speaking personally, on what she looks for in a scene, and how she wishes to convey the essence of the moment, with a special emphasis on paint handling and techniques.

Bethanne will also be taking questions throughout the demonstration. 

“In the outdoors, you can incorporate not only what you see, but the sounds and the smells of the landscape.”

Bethanne fills her paintings with captivating skies and calming landscapes. Her paintings depict scenes of brilliant snow, rich farmlands, majestic mountains, and the varied shores of the East and West Coasts.

Landscapes are her passion and she travels far and wide for subjects.

Through The White of The Frost“, 6 x 8, Currently Available at ANFA Gallery.

Join us Thursday, September 5th at 10:30 am- 12:30 pm for an enthralling lecture and demo with Bethanne Kinsella Cople who will be discussing and demonstrating the fundamentals of landscape painting as well as exploring the elements of composition!

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-Written by, Emily