Artist Spotlight: William McLure

Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery is so excited for our upcoming solo exhibition for William McLure, opening this Thursday evening, February 7th. This show features 24 original paintings by the artist whose especial eye for design, composition + the artistry of insightful mark making, has been featured on many design + art blogs, including: Lonny Magazine, La Dolce Vita, Southern Living, Mark D. Sikes, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine.

artist + designer, his aesthetic is “timeless, collected and emotional” — W.M.

Read on to learn more about William McLure, and view his works here! 

Hometown: Troy, Alabama

Currently Living: Birmingham, Alabama

When did you start your career in art? How long have you known you wanted to be an artist?

“I would say my career as an artist really started at the beginning of 2015. I was working as an interior designer for an architecture firm and I would credit it all to Instagram. People started asking who the artist was when I would post images of my home and in five months I made more than my annual salary painting nights and weekends. I sent an email asking to be moved to part-time…it didn’t go over well, so I quit. 😬”

“I’ve been an artist all my life but never thought I’d make a living doing it. I think the reinforcement of people liking my art was validation for me in a way. It gave me the confidence to pursue it.”

Describe your aesthetic in three words:

“Timeless, collected and emotional”

Interior by  William McLure, click here to visit his site!

Describe your artistic process and preparation—How do you start your creative process?

“I think my process would be two things. Educating myself on art and then summarizing the elements I like into a piece. If I see a painting, fabric or room that has an amazing relationship with two colors I try to emulate that into a piece. So looking through books would be the starting point for the process.”

Favorite piece you’ve painted to date—why?

“I think my favorite piece I’ve done to date would have to be this one. I love it because of the simplicity, I’m a sucker for a caramel background with little stories on it…makes it feel older than it is and gives it substance. The little hints of color give it an unexpected twist. Like it’s a small segment of a larger story that was taken away and what we’re seeing is a snapshot.”

“Really painted this with my own home in mind!”

Who inspires you personally and/or professionally?

“I think the interior designer Michael Smith. I love the way he pairs different styles of modern art and sculpture with traditional elements in the homes he creates.”

Interior by Michael Smith, view full project here.

What challenges do you think exist in the world of fine art? How do you approach/overcome them?

“I don’t think there are any challenges. If so, I haven’t run into any yet. Shipping would be the biggest challenge, possibly. I wish there were more companies that provided a reliable and professional shipping experience.”

Biggest accomplishment to date (personally or professionally)?

“Three very large scale paintings of mine were commissioned for the roof top bar in the AC hotel in Times Square. I think it’s a huge compliment when an artist’s work is chosen for a public space… art usually sets the tone for the room so I’m honored to have my art included in that way.”

Castell Rooftop Lounge in NYC 

Favorite location to paint/what is your studio like? 

“Favorite location would be my studio in Birmingham. The studio has black painted wood floors, whitewashed brick walls in order to not take away or distract from the art. The front part of the studio is used more as a showroom. There is a bathroom/ open bar area that separates the front from the work area in the back. There’s a huge island that I lay the pieces across when I’m working on them.”

A random fact about you:

“I’m obsessed with animals. I grew up on a farm surrounded with my animals and sometimes would sleep in the barn with them. I just put a deposit down on a one month old baby macaw that will be ready in 11 weeks! Super stoked about it!”

Favorite place to vacation? And/or dream trip?

“I’d have to say the beach on 30A. I honestly hate traveling….. it’s not as glamorous as people make it out to be. Put me in clear water with white sand, a blank sky with the sun and I’m set.”

What are you currently reading?

“Nothing, lol. I wish I had more time to. Right now I’m into podcasts. I listen while I’m working so it serves a dual purpose. Obsessed with the podcast Up and Vanished right now. It delves into missing persons cases that are reopened to try and find out what happened.”

“I find myself talking to it while I’m painting and yelling at the interviewer.”

What are you currently listening to?

“A French music duo called Paradis and their album Recto Verso. It reminds me of the movie Call Me By Your Name. Super chic I think.”

Click here to listen to Paradis!

What would you be doing if you were not an artist?

“An interior designer again. I loved being a designer but playing head games with people is daunting. I’m pretty cut and dry. If I tell you this is how I see the room and you see it another way I’m not going to try and convince you…I’m going to lose interest and let you do whatever you want.”

One thing you couldn’t live without?

“I couldn’t live without my music! This year is the first year I’ve ever bought a tv in my life. Ran has already broken it too, so music is something I have on no matter where I am!”

Meet Ran, Williams Weimaraner and constant companion! 

If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would it be?

“Bradley Cooper. I’d make out with my reflection most of the day and then use his bank account to travel somewhere fabulous.”

Come meet William and see his work at ANFA Gallery this Thursday!

—Written by, Sophie Lane at ANFA Gallery