Event date: Sep 4, 2021

MICROCOSM is a joint exhibition between Stuart Coleman Budd and Meredith Connelly
whose artworks explore the intersections between art and nature in thought-provoking perspectives. Join us for the opening reception Thursday, September 9, 6–8 pm.

Exhibition runs September 4–October 16.


Event date: Oct 26, 2021























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Join us Thursday, October 28th for the opening reception of PIECED TOGETHER,
a solo exhibition featuring Marcy Gregg. Renowned for her distinctive abstract
paintings which spring from a love of color and line, this exhibition will feature
all new works by Marcy. Exhibition runs October 26th–November 27th.

Artist Statement: Pieced Together seeks to illustrate the complexities and tension
of navigating the unknown circumstances of our lives. Particularly in my own, some
seasons have felt very vague, uncertain, and cloudy; hard to decipher the exact place
and purpose of the pieces of life. In other seasons, the pieces are more obvious, but
still require the work and faith that they will all come together as they are meant
to.  In either circumstance, there is an active surrender to God who is masterfully
putting the pieces in their perfect place, ultimately creating the bigger picture.
On his side, above the cloudiness it is always clear, and by His Sovereign hand
everything pieces together perfectly; for our good and for His glory.

The pieces with markings on top were inspired by my 3 year old grandson, Wyatt
who loves to scribble on top of my drawings when were together. Without restraint
or pause, he furiously covers what I had purposefully created. It convicted me of the
seasons Ive gotten ahead of Gods timing, desperately trying to put the pieces together
on my ideal schedule and insert my own mark on His plan.


Event date: Jun 19, 2021

Featuring artworks inspired by the connective properties of water—our intrinsic draw to the sea, the surf, and the great oceanic expanse. WAVELENGTH showcases brand new work by Stuart Coleman Budd, Bethanne Kinsella Cople, Jeff Erickson, Thomas Hager, Allison Luce, and Dean West.

Please join us Thursday, June 24, 6–8 pm for the opening reception. The exhibition runs June 19–August 28th.

Figuratively Speaking

Event date: May 6, 2021

Figuratively Speaking features seven artists whose ouevre is to celebrate the
human form.  Join us Thursday, May 6th for the opening reception in
conjunction with our seven year anniversary celebration.

Exhibition runs May 6th-June 12th.

Shape Shifters

Event date: Mar 6, 2021

Shape Shifter: Someone with the ability to physically transform at will. Featuring Vesela Baker, Michael Barringer and Adele Yonchak, this exhibition challenges the viewer to embark on a journey through form, color, and texture. Join us for the opening reception Thursday, March 11th, 12–8 pm.

Exhibition runs March 6th–April 24th.

Gather at the River

Event date: Jan 19, 2021

Case Baumgarten, graduated with a BFA from the lauded Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, D.C. in 2018. Demonstrating talent from a young age, Case is the son of the late artist and sculptor Lee Baumgarten, mentor to thousands of burgeoning minds over the decades before his tragic death in 2019. Carrying the torch of his father’s creative proclivities, Case is an accomplished artist in his own right, winning the Sculpture Award for his senior thesis show at Corcoran, exhibiting at KunstHaus Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, as well as in Cologne and Berlin, Germany. The compelling emotional depth, spiritual gravitas, and material alchemy of his work belie his tender age of 24. Since the advent of joining ANFA one year ago, his work has been placed in dozens of noteworthy private and corporate collections.

Baumgarten’s body of work presents the incessant search for lost loved ones. Through abstraction and realism, his paintings push the viewer to address all images of faith. In his own words, “Even in moments of familiarity and what is recognized, lay emotions of helplessness and sorrow with these figures. The experience of color and the absence of color serve as vessels for the figure through spiritual territories. As I developed my art after the passing of my beloved father, I returned to this series, only to realize I had been creating self portraits. That these figures were a representation of my own search for a lost loved one.

The exhibition runs January 19th–February 27th

Artist Statement: Through emotional depiction, I create work that shares our global human likenesses. It was the passing of my father, which led me to integrate the topic of self relations and connectivity on account of profound anguish into my work. This series of figurative abstractions would be called “Feet in the Garden,” which references something unattainable – a never-ending vexatious search for deceased loved ones. The work abstracts images of faith. In doing so, I can engage with my audience’s experience in the struggles that come from deaths trials and tribulations. The pieces’ limited presentation of color suspends moments of familiarity in helplessness. In that which is left behind, in spaces vacated indefinitely, is a tumultuous yearn for direction. Astray in spiritual territories, these figures wander, reflecting our personal affair in the rivers current of trauma.  

I continuously create this work not only for my search for my passed father but for the many who are experiencing their endeavors for lost loved ones. 

This is for you.
My father, my voice, my soul.
Smiling light in a shadowed tree.
A voice of the strum, I feel.
I see.
Expressing green by your days.
Twitched wrist resting.
Sliding far from our credence.
A traveler, traveling.
Awaiting our familiar forthcoming.
We will and we are.
This is for you.
My parallel.
Chasing parallels to reach,
Horizons bonded.
Sleeping in the fire light.
This is for you my father.
My voice
My soul
This is for you, my train of lightnin’
Color of my spirit
Father of my being
This is for you

Annual Small Works Show

Event date: Nov 20, 2020
















It’s that time of year again! Join us Thursday, December 3rd, 12–8 pm for ANFA’s
annual Small Works Show. We will have new work from Michael Barringer, Tori Bilas,
Heather Blanton, Caroline Boykin, Nick DeMarsico, Jacob Dhein, Millie Gosch,
Marcy Gregg, Allison James, Jim Keffer, Stephanie Neely, Anne Neilson, Trudi Norris,
Nikki Oliver, Désirée Petty, Maggie Siner and 
Adele Yonchak. Perfect for gift giving,
the exhibition will provide a chance to see
 a range of artistic styles on display
throughout the gallery.

Transitions: William Mangum

Event date: Dec 3, 2020

This compilation of artwork is new for many of Bill’s avid collectors and fans. Having shifted from watercolors to acrylics, Bill has reimagined his style and work, creating a fascinating collection of paintings which set him apart and validate his mark in the world of contemporary art. 

Join us December 3rd, 12–8 pm for the opening reception.


Event date: Oct 8, 2020





















ANFA welcomes Nikki Nye and Amy Flurry, co-founders of Paper-Cut-Project, a collaboration based on the transformation of simple sheets of paper into dramatic silhouettes. The Atlanta based duo forged a unique linkage of fine art and fashion that has garnered commissions by several of the world’s top fashion houses and galleries including, Hermès, Cartier, Kate Spade
and Valentino. At home on the theatre of runway, in site-specific installations and editorial, the paper sculptures work across many disciplines, including their recent collaboration with the Victoria & Albert museum, a 16-piece collection of paper wigs for their Hollywood Costume exhibit. Their work has been featured in the New York Times, Selvedge, Numero, and Italian Vogue.

Join us for the opening reception Thursday, October 8th, 6–8 pm.

Exhibition runs October 8th–November 14th.

Take Root

Event date: Sep 8, 2020

Take Root (phrase): 1) to become established, 2) to grow and draw nourishment. This exhibition features eight contemporary Southern artists that have rooted themselves in their identity: Allison James, Sarah Gayle Carter, Trudi Norris, Case Baumgarten, Sunny Goode, Fred Bettin, Nikki Oliver, and Desiree Petty. The idea of taking root can be within a place, community, earth, ourselves, or all of the above. Each artist, with their own unique artistic style, explores what it means to them to take root and bloom in their voice.

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 17th, 6–8 pm (social distancing protocols will be in place) 

Exhibition runs September 8th – October 24th.