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Bethanne Kinsella Cople Event

Bethanne’s breathtaking plein air landscape paintings are known for their lush painterly quality. Loosely painted yet realist, they invite the viewer to experience each painting anew with every observation. This quality gives her paintings a timeless appeal. Using expressive brushwork and a finely honed sense of color, she creates a powerful image with both depth and beauty.

Artist Spotlight: Kim Fonder

Mar 16, 17

Kim Fonder, a talented artist we are proud to represent at Anne Neilson Fine Art, talks to us below about her artistic process and inspirations. Known for using a wide range of organic materials, her artwork reflects a deep infatuation with texture and touch. She describes her aesthetic in three words, “modern, primitive, and luxe.” Inspired by nature and a love for the outdoors, her paintings provide, “an opportunity to ground and create a calm and tranquil environment.” Keep reading the interview below to learn more about Kim and her fascinating artwork!

: Kim Fonder

Hometown: Corvallis, Oregon

Currently Living: Tulsa, Oklahoma

How long have you known you wanted to be an artist?

I can’t really remember a time in my life when this wasn’t the case, from a very small age.

When did you start your career as an artist?

Formally, I began with photography in the early 90’s. I worked with a collaborative group that had a mutual darkroom and we curated and produced small exhibitions. We also met as a salon and critiqued each other’s work. Out of these critiques and some of the remarks that my fellow artists provided, I began to experiment with paintings. The experimentation was familiar, but sharing the paintings, that was very unfamiliar. This group of artists that I respected provided inspiration and feedback that ultimately gave me the confidence to show my work in regional shows and eventually exhibit my own work.

Favorite piece you’ve painted?

I love the Tilt series paintings. They are about perception and altering perception. The Tilt paintings are always a mental game. The very small shift of a work of art being just the right amount of perceptual shift to cause the viewer to question it. That is a dance with the painting that I have learned to enjoy as a puzzle to solve. The Tilt paintings are a physical representation of opening your mind to a perceptual shift.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.26.07 AM

Kim Fonder, Mare Blue Della Sardegna, 80 x 60, part of the Tilt Series

Who inspires you personally?

I KNOW this is a bit cliché perhaps but there has never been one time that I have ever mentioned Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk to someone that my eyes have not filled with tears. That talk, especially the part where she talks about the bull fighter, and how people in the audience say Ole, Ole, Ole, which means there it is a glimpse of GOD… Woah, wow, I honestly have tears in my eyes.

Link to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ted Talk, “Your Elusive Creative Genius”

Describe your artistic process

Very physical. I love to work large so there is lots of physical movement to creating the work.

How much preparation goes into a painting?

The idea is the birth of the painting. If you think about that part of it, the idea is really it. It can take years. The idea is cognition and practice married. Sometimes it feels instantaneous; sometimes it’s a birth. 

What challenges do you think exist in the world of fine art?

Lack of passion and overthinking.

Random fact about you?

I love to bake bread. I especially love making cinnamon brioche. The only reason I can sort of tease out from my obsession to make bread is this, bread is a miracle and so is art. When you begin to knead the dough it is a mass of uncontrollable ingredients, a cacophony of butter, flour, yeast. Only my hands, working in a rhythm, relentless, but relaxed change the dough. What begins as a mess, with time, attention, and a relaxed confidence creates this amazingly wonderful creation.


Link to Kim’s favorite cinnamon bread!

Favorite location to paint?

I paint outdoors, in my living room, in a garage, in cold weather, in hot weather. It has not mattered where, the painting takes over and I don’t notice the surroundings.

What do you want your audience to know about your work?

I want the work to be the backdrop for their life. I want my paintings to highlight THEIR space and THEIR activities. I want the paintings to create MORE of what their life is.

Name one goal for your career you’d like to achieve in the next 5 years?

I want to keep expanding and growing. I want to continue to create paintings that compel and are engaging to me and then consequentially to all of the people who are the audience for the work.


Introducing Anna Belk

Mar 8, 17

Our team is expanding! ANFA is proud to introduce Anna Belk as Assistant Gallery Manager.  Anna comes from a strong art background and has a keen eye for collecting. As Assistant Gallery Manager, Anna will play a key role in client acquisition, exhibition planning, and working closely with our corporate clients; furthering our goal of expanding our reach so that we may be able to do exceedingly more through our mission to give back. To learn more about Anna, continue reading below!


My passion for art first developed freshman year at the University of Virginia when I fortunately found myself seated in Art History 101. Four years and many art history classes later, I was determined to move to New York City and prove to my parents a degree in art history was a good thing! I began working at XL Catlin as a fine art underwriter where I learned the complicated and extensive measures it takes to ensure the utmost protection and care of an art collection.

During my time as an underwriter, I saw firsthand the devastating effects Hurricane Sandy had on the gallery district in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. The highlight of my job was spent at Lloyd’s of London where I explored fine art insurance on a more global level and analyzed accounts that generally involved higher values and risks.

After four years of insurance, I applied to the Sotheby’s Institute of Art and entered into a master’s program focused on American and European Fine and Decorative Art. The immersive study led me up and down the East coast and finally to London where I recently completed my degree. With an emphasis on connoisseurship and contact based learning, I gained a comprehensive education that has shaped my perspective on the world of art and design.


Anna outside Sotheby’s Institute in London

Born and raised in Charlotte, I am happy to be back in my hometown after a fourteen-year hiatus. Anne Neilson Fine Art was the perfect fit to further my career in the arts as it represents more than forty artists from around the world providing countless opportunities for insight and inspiration.

Get to know Anna more personally:

Favorite Museum in NYC?

The Frick Collection

Last Concert You Went To:

Van Morrison in London. The night my fiancé proposed!

Favorite artist and why?

John Singer Sargent. What I love most about art are the stories that surround and influence the outcome. Sargent’s society portraits of the late 19th century transcend the traditional conventions of portraiture and embody a deeper psychological understanding of each subject. His quick brushstrokes and vibrant colors portray a timeless glamour without sacrificing individuality. I’m always drawn in and what to know more about each sitter in his portraits. DT2962

John Singer Sargent’s The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit, 1882

Favorite city?

London! After working and studying at separate times in the English capital, I feel right at home despite my Southern accent and American habits. I love walking down the street passing by 16th century medieval architecture followed by modern skyscrapers all in one block. The fact that Prince Harry lives there too doesn’t hurt.

Favorite restaurant in Charlotte?

Beef N’ Bottle. I feel like I stepped back in time whenever I go to dinner there. The restaurant first opened in 1958 and not much has changed since. They serve delicious food although I still haven’t tried the fried frog legs…

Random Fact:

I have two dogs, a lab and a pug.  My pug, Winnie, is (Instagram) famous!  Follow along to see her adventures and for your daily pick-me-up @winniedapug.