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Up Close and Personal with Deb Kaylor

Apr 27, 15


Name: Deb Kaylor

Hometown:  Aurora, Colorado


Favorite Restaurant:  I love True Food Kitchen in Denver. It serves seasonal, sustainable, organic food that’s just plain GOOD! So you can take anyone there…even those who have food allergies or intolerances as well as those who just want a good meal.


Best Place To Travel: I have two! I LOVE visiting my recently- found French relatives in a tiny little town in Provence called Le Poet Celard. The other place is just over the Alps into Italy. It is in another little village at the foot of the mountains called Frazione Fenils where I visit my Tante Marisa. The beauty is breathtaking, the food delicious, and the people have greatly enriched my life beyond belief.

Cocktail of Choice:  A “Moscow Mule” that my husband makes.


Favorite Recipe: I was just introduced to THE BEST super easy no-knead bread from the Sullivan bakery in NYC. Now I actually bake bread once a week.


What do you collect? I collect and save all the wonderful notes, emails, gifts, surprises and words of affirmation and encouragement that people send me. I have a Blue Box that I stash them in and then every New Year’s morning I open my Blue Box and read them all. Sometimes I remember them and sometimes I am surprised and enjoy them all over again. Often I’m in tears reminiscing over the kindnesses that have been extended to me.


Best Book:  I love anything by Malcolm Gladwell. His latest book, David and Goliath is probably my favorite. I was surprised by the last chapter on Andre Trocme. I was familiar with him and knew his story because his story was also my family’s story. Nevertheless I was totally surprised when Trocme showed up in Gladwell’s book. Both Trocme and my family were French Huegenots who lived in small French villages in approximately the same vicinity. They worked to protect and save any Jew who came to their door during WWII.


Most influential person in your artistic career:  Probably my great-great grandfather, Horatio Shaw, who was a Michigan farmer and painter in the late 1800s and early 1900s. His beautiful landscape paintings and sheep “portraits” graced the walls of my family home. I have always admired his simple and elegant style as well as the tenacity and courage of his story. He never achieved artistic success during his lifetime. It wasn’t until the 1973-74 that the Smithsonian rewarded him with a wonderful exhibition of his work.



Studio Location :  I would love to say that I have a huge studio with tall ceilings, lots of storage, and north-facing windows. The truth is that I have 12×12 space that doubles as my studio and office and also converts into a guest room when needed. It works just fine!


Object or thing people ask about when they visit your studio: The bulletin board behind my desk and computer is filled with pictures, cards and quotations…all reminders and inspiration to me. Guests are immediately drawn there and pause to see what it’s all about.


Favorite Quote:

“Live simply,
Love generously,
Care Deeply,
Speak kindly,

and leave the rest to God!”

– Ronald Reagan


At what moment did you realize you wanted to be a full time artist? Hmmm…that’s interesting. I was working in the soul-crushing corporate world. One day I literally heard God speak into my life. He said, “How difficult do I need to make this before you get it?” It wasn’t long after that I gave my letter of resignation to my boss telling him that I wanted to pursue my passion and become a full-time artist. I’m sure he must of have thought I was crazy. But he has become one of my greatest supporters. I have his picture on my bulletin board reminding me from where I came!


Inspiration : I like to say that I find inspiration in the extraordinariness of the ordinary. It can be the beauty that I find along the path that I walk in the morning, the quizzical expression on a sheep, having lunch with family or friends at a sidewalk café, or the wonderful sculpture on the ceiling of an old European church. As I mature, I find that I’m not so driven by schedules and planning every facet of my life. I lean more toward taking things as they come and being surprised. So too with inspiration. I never know from whence it will come. It could be from something I read or see or something someone tells me. I find that by being open to any possibility, I’m never short on inspiration.


What influences your work? LIFE! All my paintings are snapshots from the scrapbook of my life. They all have a story that is a part of my story.


What would you be doing if you weren’t an artist?
I would be a writer/researcher. I just finished a 140 page coffee table book documenting my family’s history and legacy. It was 50% text and 50% pictures. It was a labor of love and I totally enjoyed the process of researching, writing, and combining old photos, stories, recipes, and genealogy from multiple family sources and putting them together in one place for my family and for future generations.



I came to my art career relatively late in life. I am the “Poster Child” for It’s never too late! Never say never! You’re never too old. You can teach old dogs new tricks.


Stop by and see Deb”s show which will be up until the end of May.  Opening reception will be Thursday April 30th from 6-8pm!



Apr 16, 15

What another messy day!  Even on rainy days like this I am always reminded that GOD is ‘reigning’ above and pray HE would continue to ‘pour’ HIS blessing and goodness no matter what!  I went to a book launch/luncheon for my dear friend, mentor, Bible Study teacher and now author of  “After The Storm”.  Jan has a powerful story and I pray that you will pick up her book at your nearest bookstore and soak in God’s goodness even during the messy storms of your life. (p.s. that is an umbrella cookie that was delicious!)


Over Easter break, my husband and I had the privilege of taking 10 teenagers, nine of them being Seniors, on a sailing trip to the BVIs.  There was another group of boys and parents on a separate boat totaling our group to 23.


It was a trip of a lifetime especially having all of us unplug from our busy schedules, the pressures of high school and the journey of what lies ahead.  Luckily, there were no storms during our trip. Basking in the warm sunshine, turquoise waters, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, it was a trip that ministered to our souls in so many ways.



Our days could not have been more glorious and one of my favorite memories from the trip was waking up Easter morning before dawn, sitting on the fly bridge of the boat and just waiting.  Waiting in anticipation of a beautiful sunrise and at the same time thanking our GOD who loves us so much that he gave His only son – that whoever believes will have eternal life – watching the sun rise that day, knowing that HIS SON rose that third day…Glory!


I got to know these teenagers, their tender hearts, their incredible, confident spirits, and was so blessed by their laughter and joy during the entire trip.

DSC_0063 One morning  while anchored in a beautiful cove, I told these amazing kids that they are getting ready for another journey in life…College…and that there will be many rewards and some challenges that will come their way.  We talked about the fact that IF the boat was not anchored, it would drift off and no telling what would happen…hit a reef, drift off to sea, crash?   Much like life…we need an ‘anchor’ to keep us from drifting…crashing…That anchor is a faith in GOD who loves us no matter what…whatever comes our way, we know that we will be able to weather the storm if we anchor our faith in Jesus.


Our captain, Jerome Joseph, went beyond his normal duties to act as our captain and keep us safe for those nine days on a boat…He would take us on incredible hikes throughout the islands, show us beautiful quiet beaches and even cooked us several meals which were delicious!



The kids got to have their fun but in a wonderful safe environment…I think this will be a trip that we will never forget!

DSC_0203 Congratulations Seniors 2015…You are all amazing young adults and I know that God has big plans for your lives…Be true to who you are…stay close to GOD always…Know that you are loved by God above…Oh the places you will go in life…








Please join us Thursday April 30th for our First Birthday Party, from 6-8pm.  Featuring works by Deb Kaylor, and catering by True Crafted Pizza Truck.  We will be open the following Friday, May 1st from 6-8pm for the South End Art Crawl.  Please contact to RSVP!