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Jan 30, 15


Moment you knew you wanted to be an artist:  Ever since I can remember I was coloring or drawing.  My first work that I ever made that actually was on public view was in grammar school. I was asked to create large wall hangings for our parish folk masses out of burlap and felt.  I also recall making 12 calder mobiles for the school music room using silhouettes cut from toile and velvet wallpaper.

Karen in peganddick studio2 copy

Schooling:  I took my first art class at Boston College and realized this is what I wanted to study. It wasn’t till 2001 after the 9/11 that I actually went back to Art School, The Museum School of Fine Arts Boston. Here I was able to embrace my creativity, study painting and learn about contemporary artists. After winning some initial competitions and getting gallery representations in 2002 and 2003 I started working full time artist.

Red Jasper

First art show: In 2010,  after my 1st Museum show at The Provincetown Art Association and Museum it was titled “Beyond Surface” a mid career retrospective, and I thought,  wow!!, How did I get here!

September Landing

Most successful year as an artist: I think it was this past year was the most successful show I have ever done. Every painting felt complete. People really responded to the work. I think every show I’m working on is my favorite…

Cappotto,LOWF Grant exhibition PAAM 2012
Overcoming a creative block: I usually look to other artists to get around my creative block. Read interviews  or biographies about artists I personally identify with or admire.  Of course working  always working till something clicks.  Even if its just one mark.   I am very grateful to be able to articulate my life and experience as an artist.  I work till I find something that interests me and I work everyday to stay inspired.

American Birch



Acclaimed North Carolina Artist Anne H. Neilson will bring her passion for color and light to Blackberry Farm as our late Summer Artist in Residence. Anne, who began her successful artistic career as a potter, has earned wide recognition today for her oil paintings, particularly her ethereal Angel Series. She has published two beautiful art books sharing the inspiring, personal stories behind her work: Angels in Our Midst and her newest book, Strokes of Compassion. Join us this Summer for an enlightening discussion from Anne, book signing and gallery viewing of her work.BlackberryFarm_Feature2014[1]