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Oct 21, 14


Moment you knew you wanted to be an artist: I always knew that I wanted to be an artist.  I wanted to paint and draw even when I was a little girl.  When my children were teenagers, I took a drawing class at a local college and that was the moment that I became aware of my ability to become a full time artist.  I sold my first painting the next semester while in a painting class and there I was, a full time professional artist!  I was so excited, I made copies of the check and put them all over the house for the family to see.   That was that and I never looked back.


Inspiration for painting: I paint and draw full time, working mostly from life and women, although I am more and more drawn to painting men in the last few years.   I have wonderful models that I hire and also many people who come to me for commission work with them posing as the model and subject for the piece.   From this I have met so many people and made so many friends.  The doors that open and the opportunities that are presented to me are never ending and for this I am so grateful.   My art has opened worlds for me that I never knew existed.   I have so many inspirations for creating art, boundless ideas and thoughts of new work yet to be created.


Most accomplished art show: I did a show several years ago with a woman artist friend about women.  We called it “women creating women” and we each showed 35 pieces of art created from live models, women of all ages, colors, heritage, size, and shape.  We find beauty in all women, we know that we all must know and embrace who we are and enjoy the beauty that we all possess in so many ways, inside and out.  There is always someone interesting to meet and draw and paint.  Someone to become friends with.  Someone to admire in so many different ways.   I stay inspired by the constant contact with the world and all that I find every day in my life.  The life of an artist is not always an easy one, but it is always rewarding and always there waiting for the next painting or drawing to happen.   025





Please join us for breakfast next Tuesday October 21st to view the newest artwork we have received this fall.  First client in the door receives a free Angel print from Anne, great gifts for the upcoming holidays!

Please join us Tuesday, October 21st, 10am-12pm for breakfast