Tori Bilas

Tori Bilas is a realist painter and portrait artist whose eye for detail inspires her to capture everything beautiful that catches her attention. Her inspiration comes from her desire to paint what people love most, ranging from pets, to loved ones, to food. The best part of painting for Tori is the joy that comes from knowing how special a piece of art can be to a client or family. Her work is described as being tender, yet strong, and she simultaneously evokes the familiar and the spiritual. Tori’s meticulous paintings capture not only the physicial images of her subjects, but their very essences as well.

Tori graduated in 2017 from Duke University where she was recognized with the prestigious Noel Award for Visual Art. She studied under famed artist Beverly McIver and spent semesters studying art in New York and Madrid. Tori has worked as a production assistant for ESPN and is currently pursuing a Masters in Management at Wake Forest University. When not painting, she spends time riding her horse, Brisbane.

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