Peter Roux

An artist living and working in North Carolina, Peter Roux is fascinated by the varied elements of our contemporary spatial experience. He works primarily with oils, dry media, and encaustic media to explore themes of motion, time, and movement throughout his landscape paintings. The dynamics of space and our relationship as we move through it drives the content of Peter’s landscapes. Experiencing space through distance, depth, and edge, it is always in motion as reflected on his canvas.

Peter elaborates on his concept of space, explaining its connection to time, “Space is fluid and temporal… never static. Our perceptions of stillness are dishonest… nature moves, marches. In this sense, space and time are linked, if not ghosts of one another. Our experience of space is always an experience of time.” His landscapes, tied to the motion of space and time create jumping points for personal reflection and consideration.

In 2013, Peter was awarded a month-long artist residency in Northern Iceland, resulting in an ongoing body of work born out of the unique space and light of the region. He was twice featured in New American Paintings, a juried competition in print published by Open Studios Press. His work is held in numerous private and corporate collections, including Fidelity, Marriott, W Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Biogen, Meditech, and others. His work is widely exhibited throughout the United States. Roux was an adjunct faculty member at Lesley University College of Art and Design from 2003-2014.

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