Peggy Chang

Peggy was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She graduated with a Bachelor of Art in English literature. She began to develop a passion for painting during the past fifteen years when she started to learn from various master artists.

She has since continuously taken art studies in America as well as taking workshops with master instruction in plein air painting, figure and portrait paintings.

Her style is representational with influence by Classical and Russian impressionistic works with an influence in the modern art concept into classical art.

She started to show her work in 2009. Since then she has won awards in San Gabriel Fine Arts Associations for 2009, 2010, and was juried in the Salon International held by Greenhouse Gallery for both years of 2010 and 2011. She currently resides in California.

She shows great passion in her works, believes art is an utmost vehicle for human emotion and interactive connection with others. She is strong in her great expression by means of bravura strokes and her unique sense in designs.

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Country Scene


Hani Woman


Harbor Scene


Langmu Village


On My Mothers Back


San Marcos Church