Paige Follmann

Paige Kalena Follmann is a full-time artist known for her “figurative scenes” and striking use of color, pattern and shape. Her figurative painting style has been described as a modern and imaginative interpretation of classical work or “Matisse meets Picasso.”  Viewers tend to be drawn to Paige’s work because her subjects are stylized – she represents them in a non-realistic manner. Her work has both a whimsical and sophisticated feel, piquing the viewer’s imagination.

Paige’s work has caught the attention of art collectors and interior designers, and she is considered to be a top emerging artist in her industry. Her work has garnered much attention, earning her publicity from interior design bloggers and publications including The Art Mag, Atlantan Modern Luxury Magazine, Jezebel Magazine, Dallas Magazine and The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Paige has been commissioned by both private and commercial clients across the country and is a favorite among interior designers who admire her modern interpretation of classical art.

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Figurative Scene VII


Figurative Scene VI


Sacred Femme Vase


Sacred Male Vase

11.5 x 3.5

Figurative Scene Palm I


Figurative Scene Palm II


Modern Wink IV


Modern Wink III