Kerry Hays

Kerry’s predominantly abstract work is a reflection on the channels between human, nature, community, and God. Each mark or stroke is shaped by her pursuit to invoke imagery into these musings on the interconnectedness of our seen and unseen world. Some of her work is marked by the convergence of hard lines with flowing, sculptural values and very rich in layer and texture. Other pieces are stark in their minimalism both in shape and color and are designed for the viewer to find rest in the simplicity. Her chosen mediums are acrylic, gouache, oil stick and collage on stretched canvas, raw linen and cut canvas sheets designed for framing. She works from her studio in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, at The Biltmore, an Atlanta landmark built in 1924 and welcomes visitors by appointment.

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Teenage Sculpture VIII


Teenage Sculpture IX


Sculpt V


Sculpt IV