Jose Antonio Sorolla Gallen

Jose Antonio Sorolla Gallen was born into a family of extraordinary craftsmen who have passed their craft and skills from one generation to another. Gallen began working in his family business at the age of 11 making pottery and painting. Gradually he learned the secrets of this ancestral work. He started to paint paintings in a self-taught way which was supported by a couple of books that I revise over and over again.

It has never been easy for Gallen to talk about his painting, but you can watch his work over the years and we can see different styles: figurative, expressionism, abstraction, new figuration, etc. Gallen claims his range of painting must be his eclectic nature where he has always wanted to paint every style. Gallen is currently in a figurative period, that he would define as very contemporary. He uses the photography to paint from. Again he is at the beginning of another series. Every beginning is difficult for Gallen but he has a good feeling and thinks he will be able to take advantage of it and be successful.

Gallen resides in Castellon, Spain.

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