Eve Plumb

“Painting is a creative outlet for me when I’m not acting. It gives me a feeling of control over my creative life. An actor often has to wait for projects to come along, but I can paint any time of the day. I sometimes describe my art as ‘spontaneous still life’. Whenever I see a likely subject, everything stops and I take photographs. This holds the moment in time until I can paint it.” – Eve Plumb

Eve Plumb, actress and artist, has been working in television, movies, and stage since the age of six, and has been painting steadily for over 20 years. Self taught, Eve has been focusing on still life for her subject matter, painting objects or moments from her everyday life and travels. Eve works out of her home and studio in Laguna Beach, California. She is best known for her role as “Jan” on “The Brady Bunch”.

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