Bethanne Kinsella Cople

Bethanne’s plein air landscape paintings are known for their lush painterly quality. Loosely painted yet realist, they invite the viewer to experience each painting anew with every observation. This quality gives her paintings a timeless appeal. Using expressive brushwork and a finely honed sense of color, she creates a powerful image with both depth and beauty.

With a well defined style, Bethanne paints a diverse range of subjects. She fills her paintings with compelling skies and calming landscapes. Her paintings capture scenes of brilliant snow, rich farmlands, and the varied shores of the East and West coasts. Landscapes are her passion and she travels far and  wide for subjects.

“I love painting the landscape en plein air. In the outdoors you can incorporate not only what you see, but the sounds and the smells of the landscape. All of this lets me convey the sense of wonder that I feel at the subject.” Bethanne has painted in blizzards in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, on steep cliffs in Monhegan Island, Maine, in strong gales along the rugged northern California coast and the sanctuary of summer and winter on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the Potomac River in Virginia, and the east end of Long Island, NY. “I love being in the outdoors painting. It rejuvenates me in a way painting in the studio can’t.”

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To Venerate the Simple Days


All Independent of the Leafy Spring


Fancy, Who Leads the Pastimes of the Glad


Song of Nature


Sometime Too Hot the Eye of Heaven Shines


Some Carnival of Clouds


We Walked Beside the Sea

36 x 36

Except a Wake of Music Accompany their Feet

30 x 30

And Measures With the Clouds

12 x 24

A Mist's Slow Colonnade

8 x 8

Nature Rarer Uses Yellow than Another Hue


Of Yellow Was the Outer Sky


Gives Back the Bending Heavens in Dew