Adrian Chu Redmond

With quick brushwork and a poetic eye for her subjects, American artist Adrian Chu Redmond paints in order to express her vision of the world. Rich, nuanced colors grace her canvases, and her elegant use of texture masterfully embellishes her paintings with a palpable opulence. These paintings are poignant paeans to the vivacity of everyday life, and act as reminders that beauty surrounds us, even in the most mundane places. Though her work is stylistically reminiscent of Impressionist Masters such as Monet, Redmond imbues her works with a distinct contemporary feel. The result is inspiring and invigorating, encouraging the viewer to enter into a soulful meditation of the beauty within their own lives. “What I enjoy most about painting is the challenge of taking simple everyday subjects, which are typically overlooked, and giving them life and energy through the use of bold brushstrokes, strong palette knife markings and vivid colors,” says Redmond.

Adrian received a Bachelor’s degree in the Carroll School of Management from Boston College. Prior to becoming an artist, she held a career selling national radio time to advertising agencies in New York City. The mother of three resides with her husband, Michael, in Charlotte, NC.

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